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When I was in London at the start of the month for the #BloggersFestival, I’d popped into Kiko and killed some time whilst waiting for Rachael to arrive and meet me. I specifically was heading there to pick up more of my much loved long lasting eye shadow sticks, but whilst there I was wooed by a nail varnish in the clearance section, and a mascara that was on sale.


I categorically did not need another mascara, I’ve done really well since the start of the year using up all my old ones from my collection, trying to leave myself with a core collection of 2 or 3 that I loved. But beauty box after beauty box seems to have dropped mascara at my door and I’ve ended up with about 6 again – so another was completely un-necessary, but I’ve been wanting to try more from the Italian brand, so when there was one for £3.90, I couldn’t leave it behind!


The Volume Attraction Mascara has quite a chunky bristle brush – but it isn’t too oversized such as benefit’s bad gal which can be a little difficult to use and get into the inner corner. I’ve been using this for 3 weeks before giving this review as a mascara can change a lot/dry out quickly/go from being shit-good/go from being good-shit over the course of a few weeks. So wanted to check that I’d given it a thorough test before reviewing.

The formulation of this is quite dry, the brush doesn’t pick up on lots of product, which makes the application take a little more time, but leaves you with lashes which are lengthened, separated as well as volumised. I tend to just wear one coat of this in the daytime, but have upped the anti with an extra coat in the evening which adds a little more volume, you do have to be quick in-between coats as it’s quite dry it tends to clump together if you don’t move too quickly.

This doesn’t flake or smudge under my eyes at all – something which I normally only find with much more expensive mascaras. it’s probably the easiest out of any mascara I currently have to to remove, it comes off with a micellar water straight away with barely any scrubbing.

Overall I like this mascara a lot, is it my favourite? No – Too Faced Better Than Sex still takes the top spot for as it adds curl and more volume effortlessly. But this is really good for the price, especially on sale at £3.90!

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Are you a high end or drugstore mascara lover?


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