Kerastase Cristaliste Lait Cristal Review

Kerastase Cristaliste Lait Cristal Review

I received the Kerastase Cristaliste Lait Cristal in the March My Little Super Box, and had already used it when the post went up, so had a little first impressions included along side it, I thought it was great – and wasn’t really planning on posting an update, but now after I’ve almost finished it, thought it was worthwhile.

When it first arrived, I thought the Kerastase Cristaliste Lait Cristal was a hair mask/treatment because I didn’t read the product properly, and when I read the instructions on the back it’s not something that I have seen on other haircare products before. Calling for towel drying before applying – this strikes me as a more time consuming product than what most people (I presume) want to take for their day to day. But the results had me impressed as my hair was left much more silky than the Garnier one I was using at the time was. It was only when I was googling how much this actually cost for my My Little Box review that I discovered it was a conditioner not a treatment.

I was in two minds about this, yes this makes my hair soft and silky, I don’t really notice any visible difference in my hair, maybe split ends are hidden better at a push, but my hair definitely does feel smoother after using this. But I couldn’t help feeling that I didn’t love it for the price, This is a premium hair care product – at £18.50 for 200ml, whilst in one way I think, oh thats okay for special occasions, at the same time, I want my hair to feel soft and smooth every time I wash it – especially as I don’t see a physical change.

At first I was really impressed with the Kerastase Cristaliste Lait Cristal – but I’ll admit normally I’m not the best at being patient and waiting for the conditioner to work it’s magic, if it stays on for 2 minutes its a rarity – 3 it’s unheard of. Hair masks have an exception, but with this I trialled it as instructed on the bottle and was happy with the results. This conditioner calls for towel drying your hair before applying, so I’ve since started trying this with other conditioners and yes I do notice a better effect with those – maybe not quite as nice as this, but better than they normally perform, add to that actually waiting for a minute or 2 longer, and it’s better again.

For £18.50 I’d rather spend my money on a big size bottle of honey and oatmeal from TIGI which is the best smelling conditioner I’ve tried, and will give you 3 times the product (and often a free shampoo if you catch a sale at the right time too), treated in the same way I don’t see this giving anything but the same effect.



  1. April 1, 2015 / 3:39 am

    Have you tried the Macadamia Nut Oil Deep Repair Masque? It’s one of my faves. 🙂

    • April 1, 2015 / 6:02 am

      I have had it in the past, but haven’t used it for 2-3 years! I always keep an eye out for it in shops like TK maxx to try and pick it up cheaper as its so pricey – as that’s where i originally got it from. Again it’s something I like, but I don’t like it for as much as it normally costs x

      • April 1, 2015 / 6:34 pm

        I do the same when I got to TJ Maxx. 🙂

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