I'll be back… tomorrow… hopefully!

I took an unexpected few days off from blogging. I got back from Milan on Tuesday/Wednesday morning at 1AM, and was back in work first thing on Wednesday.

With the excitement of the Podcast, tiredness and ongoing sickness – which if you’ve not seen me talking about it on Twitter, I’ve had on and off stomach aches, sickness, lack of sleep, and permanent tiredness and body aches for now 9 weeks (URGH!) – hopefully this week I will begin getting answers, I have some blood tests this week and endoscopies in a few weeks time.

It turned out I needed the weekend to re-coup and catch my breath a little, I’m hoping to be back tomorrow with the items I purchased in Milan & I’m hoping to write up a travel post too, for now I’ll leave you with the beautiful cover photo from our day trip up to the Italian Lakes, in Bellagio Gardens (take me back please!). Fingers crossed I can get some posts up for the rest of the week too… It’s now that time of year where it’s not good light to photograph any posts when I get home from work, so I may make some investments into some soft box lighting as I hate relying on weather at the weekends (and my schedule!) to photograph posts (and also hope that the weather isn’t raining or overcast to do so!).

I hope you had a good weekend and if you haven’t already listened in to my Chat with Cat, you can listen to the podcast using the links below!

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  1. October 3, 2016 / 2:40 pm

    It’s good to take a breather! I plan to listen to your podcast episode tonight! 🙂

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