First Impressions – Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo and Conditioner

It’s not very often that I post about sample or deluxe sample sizes very often, I’m normally in the camp where I believe you need a full size of something to really comment on how it works – however there were a few people who commented that they were interested to see how these panned out when I featured them in my review of the ASOS Beauty Box. I’ve been using them since they arrived ten days ago and they’re now done and dusted so I thought rather than just putting them in my empties I would give them a real mention as people were interested to know more about them.

Pureology is a brand I’ve always heard good things about – but as it’s one that comes with a high pricetag I’m always wary of knowing where to start with a line. The whole line is sulphate free, vegan friendly as well as being colour caring, this particular line – Strength Care – is designed to aid help damaged hair that’s micro scarred and make it velvety soft.

I haven’t had my hair cut since just before the wedding and it had reached the point where my split ends were in need of attention and resolving. I look after my hair well, as much as I can I don’t use heat on my hair, use quality hair tools that aren’t too hot they frazzle your hair but still work efficiently and use oils and serums to keep my hair nourished which means I can generally go around 5-6 months between cuts. So I’d got to the point where I was due and I’d noticed that the split ends were looking particularly bad, I was keen therefore to try these out prior to my haircut (up coming this Thursday) to see what difference they could do to my hair that was in prime condition for a good trim!

One of the first things that struck me about this line is that it didn’t smell like a premium salon brand, the scent of both the shampoo and conditioner is pretty waxy, it’s not necessarily unpleasant but I expect with an RRP of £23.50 each to smell a bit fresher. I did wonder whether they were void of any fragrance, but parfum is listed – pretty high up too – I can only presume it’s counter balancing an ingredient which might not smell particularly pleasant.

I’ve tried a lot of Sulphate Free Shampoos over the years, most of them on the cheaper end of the market and I find most don’t clean my hair well or leave it feeling very dry – this is a line which certainly does neither. These do foam up nicely and I feel like it cleans the hair and scalp well, I always shampoo my hair twice and managed to get 5 hair washes out of this bottle (10 portions).

I’m so used to running through conditioner faster than the speed of light, there’s always at least one conditioner in my empties every month, usually two, sometimes even three. Looking at this Initially I thought I’d be lucky to get one wash out of this bottle. I proceeded with hope with a small dose to start with, it has quite a thick creamy consistency which when met with wet hair ends up spreading quite far – so I was surprised to be able to manage 4 hair washes from this bottle.

When my hair starts getting damaged I find I have to style it more, needing straighteners more often to tame the frizzy split ends which only increases the deterioration. With this it took me back to the position of split ends being barely visible and styling tools could be avoided, I never think that shampoos and conditioners can reverse damage, but I do think some can do a great job of hiding it and I’m sure if this wasn’t so close to my hair being cut now these bottles of empty I’d start seeing some reverse effects of this.

I was careful to keep the conditioner to my mid lengths only and both the shampoo which was the only product on my roots, and the conditioner throughout the length made my hair clean feeling and velvety soft to the touch. I normally wash my hair every 2-3 days, this didn’t help keep my hair cleaner for longer, but it was no worse than the 95% of other shampoos either.

The 250ml size bottles of this don’t come cheap, I naturally headed back to ASOS as they came from their beauty boxes but at £47.00 all in for both I started shopping around to see if I could find a twin pack cheaper elsewhere. On Look Incredible they had a twin pack that was cheaper and they had 33% off, making the duo £25.79 for the pair – a little over what it would have cost for one on ASOS.

I don’t plan to use these frequently especially in the beginning of my hair being freshly cut waiting for the damage to start to come in, whilst I’m sure they would help repair somewhat, they describe the line as for reversing, not preventing. I’ll do an update with these a few months down the line after I’m using them more regularly.

For now, these have me incredibly impressed – enough so to have ordered the duo, I didn’t think at the start of getting these I’d be saying anything other than either “Yes, these seem nice – but I wouldn’t splash the cash” or “I didn’t see the difference in the few washes I managed to get out of the bottles”. I will say that if you’re thinking of getting these consider getting the ASOS box now to see if they work for you – at £12 the box had a good array of products and was enough to let me know that splashing out for them was likely to be worth it, however everyone’s hair is different, and they are still expensive for the size you get despite finding a good deal on them, it’s worth trying before fully committing especially if you’re interested in anything else the box contained as it was great value and had a really good variety.

Have you tried Pureology Before?


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  1. October 16, 2017 / 6:16 am

    I have heard really good things about Purology but never tried them. The lack of a nice scent might put me off though as I’m terrible for buying product for the way they smell!x

    • October 16, 2017 / 11:54 am

      Me too, I can forgive it because it’s damn good and I can’t smell it once I’ve put oils etc in my hair afterwards!

  2. October 16, 2017 / 6:22 pm

    I loved Pureology’s Reviving Red line but it’s been discontinued which is so disappointing.

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