Facialderm Progressive Exfoliating Foot Socks Review

I debated calling this post “Scabby Feet Transformation” – and that should mean that it goes without saying that if you don’t like feet that this post definitely is not for you. However when I hauled these a few weeks back a couple of people said that they were curious about this type of product and if they worked – as was I so it felt like a worthwhile task for those who are curious too.

I picked these up from TK Maxx a few weeks ago for £6.99 and they come from Spanish brand Facialderm – who I know nothing about. Quite literally. Googling the brand in the UK it shows that the brand used to be stocked in Holland and Barrett (a health/supplements shop for my non UK readers) which means it’s at the very least cruelty free. There’s very little detail on their website – so if you’re from Spain or know the brand, please let me know if you can fill any gaps!

I’ve seen these types of socks for the past 6 months or so and it’s been something that I’ve wanted to try. It’s not the kind of thing that you can pick up so easily and I hadn’t got around to searching them out online. I know Sephora do a few of these ‘sheet masks for feet’ which are a way of adding moisture back into dry skin – these go one step further and actually start to physically peel the skin away thanks to some heavy dose of chemical peels. The process in the case of this one says “soft feet in 7 days” and it was something that I was keen to test pre-warm Spring and early summer whilst my feet are still well and truly wrapped up in socks and boots, with no sandals even considered being pulled out.

My feet are dry with hard skin that we just can’t seem to budge (I say we, because of my hip problem it means I can’t twist my leg left over at all so I have to rely on Ben to help me with this task!). I won’t go as far as saying I have cracked heels but they do definitely start to dry out more as we come into summer and I start living in comfortable leather sandals. Foot creams & butters are a token gesture for my feet, whilst things like Scholl electronic rollers almost send sparks flying and don’t really do enough for how much effort it takes (and how tickly my feet are, so I’m jumping all the time!). So skin peeling exfoliating socks.
The next best step.

This pair had almost a double sock technology, there was the plastic outer sock which had a mesh tissue like centre which contained an even spread of the product. I had to be careful splitting the socks to make sure I didn’t cause too much movement to the inner tissue sock to make sure that my feet could easily slip into. Unlike Sephora ones which I’ve tried in the past these had a little peel back sticker tab around the ankle to adjust them and make them tight to the ankle – so they don’t slip off or go anywhere.

I’m a size 8 foot (for reference that’s a EU 41, US 10), and my feet where the perfect size for them – there was not loads of extra fold over at the end, but another size or two up and they would have been too small, these are made for female feet for sure. The day I wore these was the day that I was sorting out my vanity/beauty storage, and I soon realised that these were not carpet friendly. I placed a pair of fluffy socks on top so stop myself sliding around and whilst the feeling of slight squelching was a little bit weird, it meant I could still get stuff done. These instructed to leave on for 60 minutes – I think I left mine on for somewhere between 60 and 90.

After rinsing my feet off they felt no different to before I started, I was expecting no peeling at this stage but I was maybe expecting a bit of initial nourishment. 24, 48 and 72 hours past there was still no change and it wasn’t until day 5 of inspection that there was some sign of promise with the very edges of my heels and  the balls of my feet becoming laced with a white edge. It wasn’t really until day 7 that I saw proper signs of peeling and whilst I was determined to not give any extra encouragement to the process I was itching to brush it away with exfoliator. But by day 10 I felt like there has been not much more change but was so surprised when I lazily asked Ben to take the photos for me and compared the photos a few days later. I scrubbed away the dry skin with the balmy shea scrub from The Body Shop.

Before Pictures

7 Days After

10 Days After

After I’d scrubbed the dry skin away they didn’t continue to peel any further and to be honest the after result didn’t look too much different to the before result – however to the touch my skin felt a little smoother – more so in the areas like my arch felt the most smooth. However the thick dry skin. The dryer patches felt like they weren’t as thick.

Did it give me soft skin in 7 days? No.
Was I really expecting it to? No.
Did it exceed my expectations? Yes.

I think if you have feet like mine then this will be more than a one step treatment. If you have some small patches of dryness then it’s likely to go along way with just “one dose”. I’m going to do some research online and pick up a few well rated ones to continue this journey and to see if it’s something that can be a cure to my scabby old feet. I will keep you posted in empties what the final outcome is, but I must say I’m already pretty impressed.

I wasn’t expecting there to be “peel travelling” up to the top of the foot so this is something that you definitely want to carry out before sandal-season, unless you like that scaled lizard look.

Have you tried these foot peeling socks before?


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  1. March 15, 2018 / 6:06 am

    I personally haven’t tried these! But sounds amazing! I need this for my feet at the moment 🙂 Thank you for sharing this review:)
    I would love for you to check out my blog :)xx

  2. oliviamdwhite
    March 15, 2018 / 8:58 am

    Really want to give these a try!!
    Would you mind checking out my blog?! It’s new xx

  3. Beauty Candy Loves
    March 15, 2018 / 8:35 am

    I have never tried anything like this before, with WInter coming up I think it will be great to try something similar.


  4. March 15, 2018 / 2:24 pm

    Been desperately wanting to try these because my feet are defo the worst part of my body 😂😂 totally neglect them and then once every month I freak out and try make them look acceptable 😂😂 will be investing in these for sure. Great post!!!! Xxx

  5. March 15, 2018 / 6:34 pm

    I found one of these in Primark and I’ve been too scared to try it yet! I’ll definitely do it before sandal season though, I just don’t know how I feel about having all that dead skin coming off in one go, though it does sound kind of satisfying at the same time. I’ve never heard of this make before either but it sounds like these are decent for what they are.

  6. March 15, 2018 / 7:45 pm

    ohh wow worth a try i guess i should as well it something that i am sure a lot of people cringe at the site of it . but i love this post and the fact that you have written about it. http://lucyakaos.blog

  7. Charlotte
    March 15, 2018 / 9:46 pm

    You need to try the footner ones, I got mine from amazon as they were the cheapest from there. I’ve brought these to try but the footner looked like they are more effective x

  8. March 18, 2018 / 11:00 pm

    Love the before and after pictures! Make it so much easier to understand what’s going on. My feet are EU 34 / 35, UK 2.5 / 3, so these must be pretty big for me.

  9. April 2, 2018 / 3:35 pm

    Great blog!
    I can’t believe that I searched “feet”, but I did. Gross.
    I have a form of Hereditary Neuropathy that affects my feet. My soles and pads are horrific.
    I’m always looking, researching and trying new stuff. In fact, my last blog was about these miserable boot holders of mine!

    Again, good read.
    Take care!

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