Face Mask Friday #60 – Milk Makeup Urban Defence Mask

It’s been a good few weeks since my last Face Mask Friday, but since then there has been one that’s been on and off my face and been having a good trial. A couple of weeks ago I posted a haul of Milk Makeup I’d heard rumoured about in TK Maxx and successfully acquired and this was the first out of all of them to start being put to the test. 

Packaging wise I’ve had no masks similar to this from Milk Makeup, It comes in one one of their standard cardboard tubes with the matte silvery grey writing and the holographic label that sits on the side keeping it sealed. Inside I was pleasantly surprised at the weight of the product it’s a chunky sized pot and it’s lightweight plastic packaging means that it’s mostly product that is making up it’s weight. The lid flicks bac back and I was happy to see that it had an aluminium seal, protecting the product underneath it.

Peeling back the foil I wasn’t too sure what I was going to find formula wise on the inside. I think I was expecting a cream like texture, so I was surprised to find out that in fact it was a clear gel. Looking into the pot it felt almost like there’s an infinite amount of product inside that would keep you going for some time. Reading what this was meant to do and how you were meant to use it showed that it needed to be used multiple times a week and I have abided by that for three weeks, and I think this mask has had more testing for a Face Mask Friday than any other.

That’s been two fold in it’s reasoning a) because it was recommended and b) I was trying to find some noticeable effect in terms of it’s performance. Masks for me are used to provide a temporary and instant lift. I use different masks to tackle different skin concerns at any time so if my skin is particularly oily, I reach for clay, if it needs brightness I reach for something with acids in, if my skin is dry or dehydrated I reach for something with hyalauronic acids or creams. This one however I’ve been unable to pinpoint where it falls into my regime and at what point I should be picking this up.

The first thing to note about this mask is that it does apply very nicely and it does go a long way. Not only is there a lot of product in that pot, but you need much less than you think you might too. It’s a mask that emulsifies when contacted with water and turns down into a milky substance (well done Milk) that washes off easily. I have found when it’s warm and maybe my pores are a little hotter than usual this tends to cause emulsifying quicker than intended, you can see from the second photo down below that the pores on my nose and in the crease of my chin starting to turn the mask white and that’s after just a few minutes. Whilst the image at the bottom shows what the texture turns to as it’s being washed or wiped away.

This product describes itself as a deep cleansing gel mask which is designed to draw out and protect the skin from impurities. It’s formulated with Vitamin E, Grape Seed Oils and Jojaba which collectively are to hydrate and nourish. It’s a quick mask only designed to be used for 3-5 minutes which makes it useful as it’s meant to be used so frequently that you’re not having to commit to it being on so long.

Rinsing away didn’t leave my skin feeling deep cleansed and squeaky clean. My face felt like I had  used something very lightly moisturising but that’s where the effects noticeably stopped. After three weeks of using this 2-3 times a week I couldn’t pinpoint how it was changing my skin and as I’ve suddenly cut it out this week or the first time (unintentionally, I’ve been very busy) I’m not feeling like I’m missing a part of my routine or my skin is deteriorating in any way. Overall, a little bit disappointing.

The mask was found in the UK in TK Maxx stores and you’re probably likely to be correct in thinking if you’re from the US that you also haven’t seen it in stores in Sephora either. It was a exclusive item created for Urban Outfitters which they seem to no longer stock, so it’s no surprise it’s being found in UK TK Maxx stores. If you see it… I’d say don’t get too excited and feel like you have to jump for it, however if like me you’ve been wanting to try Milk and you see it for a fiver like I did, it’s not the worst idea as you do get a lot for your money.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment on this mask and what are your current favourite skin treats too!

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  1. June 15, 2018 / 7:05 am

    Oh that’s annoying – I was hoping it would be fab for you! I do like the packaging though, easier to use than a screw top! xx

  2. June 15, 2018 / 3:32 pm

    It’s a shame it’s not great. I have a hydrating or cooling stick from Milk and it sucks on my face but is great round my eyes x

  3. June 16, 2018 / 9:20 pm

    Oh no such a shame! Though i find it thrilling trying new masks

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