Face Mask Friday #11 – Origins Ginzing Face Mask Review

A one off return for my Face Mask Friday series, Origins ran an offer a few weeks ago where they had a mini skincare set for free with every order (no spend limit) – I had been eyeing a lot of their Face Masks recently and decided to buy their mini pod set of their popular Ginzing Face masks so I could grab a few other miniatures at the same time.

Origins Ginzing is a clear gel, and I really had no idea what was in this – I just bought it because the line gets talked about so much. Containing coffee beans, cucumber and Hoelen mushroom this mask is designed to wake up and soothe tired skin. When you apply you get a cooling feeling which feels very refreshing and relaxing.

A little goes a long way with this formulation, these Pods were enough to heavily cover my face and with still some to spare too slap on my boyfriends without telling him what I was doing (but you can’t let it go to waste!).


I’ve used 2 of these so far. I’ve recently started using a Magnitone Lucid and in the first week or so of using these they tend to break you out before your skin looks better, and this was the case for me. This calmed down my skin tremendously in the 2 hours I had it on whilst I was doing some housework.

The second time I used it I was at home from work for the day and I was feeling very ill after being sick – my skin was looking dull and grey and this freshened up my skin completely and made my skin look radiant again, when Ben came home from work he said I was looking a lot better, and he wouldn’t have said that if he had seen me 2 hours earlier.


A Pack of 4 of these mini pods is just £5 – with free delivery, you’ll know if you’ve been reading my Face Mask Friday series that I’ve tried a fair few masks from Montagne Jeunesse. I’ve described these on most occassions and products suitable for a teenage sleepover – where you look and feel grown up, but skin effects are little to nothing. At 99p each these are cheap, but when you can buy some mini pods from this range (and don’t want to commit or want to spend £20 for a full size tube) these pods work out at £1.25 each. And coming from a ‘real’ skin care brand that offers fab value for money.

I’m hoping that they’ll bring out these pods for their new rose clay face masks as I love the sound of that and is designed for those at their ‘quarter life crisis’ that’s me!

Have you tried anything from Origins that you would recommend, I’m looking to check out more of their skincare once I’ve seen my way through my massive skincare stash that I’m currently trying to say goodbye too.


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  1. August 7, 2015 / 5:01 pm

    Oooh I’ve never heard of this from Origins! It is indeed a great value. And anything with coffee is great for depuffing and wakening up the skin. I’ll have to see if they sell these at the Origins counter here.

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