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I’ll admit I’ve never been the best of keeping up with a routine when it comes to skincare, especially at night. I’ve got lotions and potions from 3 years worth of beauty box subscriptions scattered across my house.

In December, I suffered with really dry itchy skin under my eyes – I suspect it was an allergic reaction – but a problem I’ve never had before, I also got a cold, and suffered with a flaky tissue damaged nose (lovely!) – so I routed through my collection trying different things to soothe both.

So here is where bedside beauty has started, I moved a pretty box from our living room (TK Maxx), to my bedside table, where I’ve started keeping a small collection of beauty products. I’ve purposefully kept it small so I don’t have too much on the go at once, and end up with lots of half used products in by box instead! It will also hopefully force me to give things a proper try before flitting to the next product.


You’ll notice if you’re a regular reader, that empties rarely contain any skin creams as I’m so bad at remembering to use them, From now I’m vowing to start using up my products and make a better effort in my routine.


So here is the products in my first edition on Bedside Beauty:

Hand Creams


I haven’t ever been good at remembering to apply handcream. Since adding it into my bedside box I’ve almost finished one tube, from Figs and Rouge in Mango Mandarin, which in the end I was also using on my nose when it was flaky, and did the job of quickly clearing it up. Smells lovely, it’s not too intense which is nice for bedtime as I sleep on my hands and don’t want to feel like I’m sleeping in a fruit bowl.

I’m already making a start on a second tube (naughty finish the other first!). The second on the go is L’Occitane Vanilla Bouquet, received in a November’s My Little Box, and again is a lovely subtle smell, I said when I received it that I don’t like vanilla scents, but it’s definitely more of a floral scent with a hint of vanilla.

My hands have been feeling lovely and soft since I’ve started religiously using hand cream every night!

Spot Treatment


I’m luckily able to say, that it’s very rare that I get a spot (famous last words), but Anatomnicals Zap zap zap gets that chap day and night spot treatment is a handy thing to have by the bedside, I’ve used this on tiny little spots which isn’t the best thing to test how effective it is but so far it seems to have done an okay job at clearing up. Apart from the colour difference in the night and day – these look, feel and smell exactly the same.

Lip Care


Carmex, not my most favourite lipcare products, but a staple basic none the less, this is there for when my boyfriend asks to use what ever I’ve put on my lips, and I don’t want to give him the expensive stuff he won’t appreciate!

Etre Belle Uplift Peel a glossybox product, that does a good job of getting rid of any flakes that inevitably appear in winter. Doesn’t have a nice taste like Lush’s lip scrubs – but does the same job.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Mask, Favourite all time lip product, pricier than carmex at around £9-£10, but I’ve had mine for a year, used almost every day – and I’m only half way through. A little goes a long way as it’s so thick it creates a thin coat all over with not a lot of product. If you love lip care and haven’t tried this – make sure you do!



Skin Pep Hydra Boost Serum something I have only tried out a couple of times, and have yet to try properly and notice if there are any differences in my skin after use.

H20 + Hydrating Treatment, not technically a serum, but a gel like formula that I class as a serum, this did a wonderful job of clearing up the dry itchiness under my eyes.

Face Cream


L’Occitaine’s Immortelle Precious Cream, received in Fleur De Force’s December My Little Box . I defiantly think that there are products available which are as effective for cheaper, but like the Nuxe Reve De Miel mask, a little of this goes such a long way that I think you would save money in the long run for buying this as a quick dip of the finger is enough for your whole face. A very thick cream, that doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy after, but in the morning my skin wakes up feeling nourished and refreshed.

Do you have any bedside beauty heroes products I should try?


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  1. January 11, 2015 / 12:42 am

    Figs & Rouge cream is awful. Just throw it away now. Does absolutely nothing for your skin. I have Dove hand cream & Body Shop’s Born Lippy next to my bed and use them every night before bed x

    • January 11, 2015 / 12:51 am

      Ive liked it so far! Its not ultra heavy, but feel like over a few days it started to work wonders, so much so i started using it on my face!

      • January 11, 2015 / 9:29 am

        I felt like it doesn’t actually soak into my skin and like i’m trying to glide a bar of soap on my hands haha. Glad it works for you!

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