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OPI Glitzerland

I’ve been wanting to get this into my Beauty #TBT series since the beginning it’s been on the list of products to talk about. I’ve had these pictures of the bottle shot of OPI Glitzerland waiting since last November, but for some reason have just not got around to putting it on my nails!

I’ve had OPI Glitzerland since it launched in the Swiss Collection which launched around Christmas time in 2010. This bottle had to be well shook up when I came to paint my nails with it over the weekend as it’s had a lot of love over the years, and I could see it’s down to it’s last third, and unfortunately it’s going to be my last use as the polish is now past it’s best and gone all goopy, and the brush didn’t quite reach the edges any more – it required a lot of rotation and tilting to try and get the polish on to the brush – it wasn’t a fun application this time around!


I remember reading somewhere around this time last year that Glitzerland is OPI’s best ever selling shade, and seem to be what’s always claimed when it comes to this shade. This is often referred to as a sparkly bronze, which is totally incorrect in my opinion, it’s definitely a light silvery gold shimmer glitter, it sits somewhere between the two. It’s a polish which always seems to have gotten a lot of love from me going into Autumn and Winter and feels quite festive for me.


It’s a polish which is pretty opaque on the first coat but needs a second to even everything out as it can look a little streaky with just one layer of polish. It’s smooth and shiny and there’s no texture that’s left behind, and it’s relatively shiny on it’s own account, but it’s picture on my nails here with a topcoat. Because it applied a little goopily – 6 year old polish that’s had lots of love it’s unsurprising – it took an while to try on my nails, but that’s purely down to it’s age rather than the polish in it’s normal form, meaning i managed to get a few knocks on my nail so it doesn’t look quite perfect, I’ve included a better swatch

Despite it’s age this still seems to last really well on my nails, I’m wearing it here with the Essie Gel Couture topcoat and it’s been on my nails for a week chip free and I’m about to take it off and repaint ready for the weekend.


Other than topcoats or nail polish mini’s I think this will be only the second nail polish I can say I’ve officially used enough of to declare it ‘finished’ – only behind OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream (man how I wish they kept that on permanently or I stocked up hundreds of bottles of that!). Despite being released in the 2010 collection it was one of the colours that was kept on permanently, if you’re looking for a gold polish to bring you into the festive season I would totally recommend OPI Glitzerland, I can see me picking this up again in future!

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  1. September 15, 2016 / 6:53 am

    This is so pretty! If I’m ever in need of a gold, I’ll look out for this! xx

  2. livilovessite
    September 15, 2016 / 12:36 pm

    That looks really nice, especially for Christmas time :3

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