A sample review: myNY DKNY perfume

I saw a free sample of this perfume online, and was immediately drawn to it by Rita Ora’s face (Girl/Make up crush!)
As soon as I cracked the packet I was hit by the fragrance. For me I pick up on strong floral notes, but they feel grown up with hints of muskyness. Reading the ‘technical jargon’ (to me, perfumes fall into floral, fruity, musky and miscellaneous), myNY is an Eau de parfum, with top notes of Raspberry, Pink Pepper and Galbanum, mid notes of Jasmine, Freesia and Orris Root, and Base Notes of Vanilla, Patchouli, Musk and Ambergris. If you like the full technical descriptions I’d recommend reading more here.
The sample itself is quite generous 1ml but is a little annoying that you crack it, and then can’t reseal, 1ml is a lot of perfume in one go to use, so had to leave it precariously standing up on my dressing table, I much prefer having a vial!
It lasts well, about 2 hours after I put it on, my mum-in-law commented how nice I smelt, and even after 8 hours I could still smell it on myself – normally after a few hours I don’t notice them anymore! This is probably because it’s still a “new fragrance for my nose” and if I was using it regularly I would probably stop noticing it as much – but it’s nice to know that it does actually last that long!
I’ve had lots of perfume samples which I use but rarely consider buying, this one I would purchase – I usually save up my boots points and treat myself to perfumes and I have saved up (almost 80 pounds worth!). So I can add this to an already overgrown collection, see below!

My ever growing, perfume collection!

This is currently, I believe, exclusive in the UK to Debenhams, so I will wait until available in boots. May be able to treat myself to two or three bottles by then! The full size bottle is cute as well, heart shaped, glass bottle and big metal top.

I got my sample from their website, although it say’s they’re currently out of stock, please check back later – it’s worth keeping your eye on if you want to give it a try!
Hopefully my first fragrance review wasn’t too bad! Let me know if you can spot any others in my collection you would like my thoughts on!


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