A Naughty Boots Purchase

I’ve been debating buying a Sensationail kit for a while, whilst they are significantly cheaper than a lot of other options on the market, they still aren’t that cheap. The kits are generally well reviewed online, so when this Deluxe Gel Starter Kit in Boots as the ‘Star Gift’ for £50 today, reduced from £110, I decided now was the time if any to cave and buy it. If you don’t know what star giftd are, at Boots they pick a different item every week on the lead up to christmas and have it at a special price, this usually involves lots of Soap and Glory products, and perfume sets, so it’s worth keeping your eye out (warning can be dangerous for your wallet).


I’ve bought this for the purpose of toe nails more than fingers, I hate reaching down to my toes, I have such long legs, and a dodgy hip which means I can’t really bend in the right way that if I can get this out of the way for a few weeks (normal nail polish lasts about a month, so I’m hoping gel will last even longer. I also have a few gel polishes, which I’ve bought by mistake in the past, which I’ve been itching to try out, and wanting to wear normal nail polish with a gel topcoat to make it last longer.

Contents are featured below, 2 nail varnishes, base and top coat, plus glitter. I like the two colours it comes with ‘Raspberry wine’ and ‘pink chiffon’ and the kit also comes with a voucher off your next colour purchase… I’ll be looking up the other shades available and popping in next.


I’d love to be able to do the 2 week test to tell you if it’s worth spending the £50, but unfortunately the deal will have expired by then, I will post a review as soon as I can about how easy the kit was to use. This weekend it’s triple points when you spend over £35 too, so you grab yourself some delightful Boots points.


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