A Foray with Forth Ray – Two Cleansers Tested

Fourth Ray Cleansers - Am to the PM and BFD Cleansing Oil

I don’t often do reviews of deluxe sized skincare samples – but I’d been left very curious by Colourpop’s sister skincare brand – Fourth Ray, and thought others might be too, so I decided that I’d review the two Fourth Ray Cleansers deluxe samples that I picked up with an order late last year (that I’ve finally got round to trying!) to the test and see what my thoughts are.

Firstly – I was desperately trying to keep to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday upload this month, but missed Monday’s post as I’d been away with my family over easter, add to that my camera is in for repair, and my laptop charger has stopped working, this has meant I found it difficult to do anything “on the go” over the weekend!

I really like the branding of Fourth Ray – it’s very simple, clean packaging and just like Colourpop the products are at a fantastic price point. The branding and packaging style very much reminds me of products from Beauty Pie. The Fourth Ray Cleansers I received were in deluxe size form and the styling seemed reflective of what the full size product would be like.

Fourth Ray Cleansers

To begin with Fourth Ray was available only on it’s own website – which I thought was an odd move, if loyal fans of Colourpop are engaged on the Colourpop website, I’d have thought it was a good idea to entice them to try whilst stocking up on items from a brand they already know and love, rather than placing a separate order, on a separate website with a separate delivery charge (I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds this somewhat of a barrier to ordering sometimes!).

Unlike Colourpop, Fourth Ray don’t seem to have the same constant stream of releasing new products out, the line is far more curated and I’ve only seen a handful of additional releases since the first launched. The line has around 30 individual SKUs as well as some bundles, travel sized sets and some accessories such as cute scrunches (I’m still not sure how I feel about these being back!) and quartz rollers. All at a Colourpop budget friendly price point.

I received two Fourth Ray Cleansers part of their core line up as part of an order where there were two generously sized samples. I’ve been away a few times over the past month and have been taking these away as they’ve been a pocket friendly size with me for weekends away and giving them a test in between too. They are both cleansers and were formulated in mind to be used as a double cleanse routine together, I’ve tried them together, as well as by themselves to test how well each products can stand on it’s own two feet.

AM to the PM Gel Cleanser

Use : Morning & Evening
Main Ingredients : Lychee, Hawaiian Ginger, Lotus, Jojaba Protein

I’m not the biggest fan of gel cleansers, they’re often products I seem to “end up with” from beauty boxes and GWPs, but they are always ones I do end up using up. For the most part I find gel cleansers much of a muchness and they seem to have little differentiating qualities between the ones which are £2 and the ones which are £20.

Fourth Ray describe this as the ultimate daily face wash – a bold claim – and that it’s suitable to be used at any time of the day, this is formulated to wash away dirt, and cleanse away makeup quickly. They instruct to apply to a wet face first, something which definitely helps I’ve found with speed of makeup removal. Gel Cleansers I can often find quite thick feeling – but this one is quite a light and silky gel that feels really nice on the skin. It doesn’t create foamy sud bubbles so it’s a really good cleanser to use around the eyes – in fact the formula is so light it almost feels like a non-emulsifying oil texture.

The product does have a light, sweet scent – most likely the key ingredient of Lychee pulling through, but it doesn’t linger and it’s not so overpowering that it becomes off putting to use.

I found this removed makeup pretty easily – the only place I found it struggling, just a little was on bright eyeshadows where it left the slightest bit of staining behind – but that’s more an issue with the eyeshadow than the cleanser itself. I’ve enjoyed this a surprising about, considering I’m not a massive fan of gel cleansers this one has been fabulous.

BFD Oil Cleanser

Fourth Ray Cleansers - BFD Cleansing Oil

Use : Evening
Main Ingredients : Camellia, Juniper Berry, Meadowfoam Seed Oil

I had to google what BFD stood for – I don’t think that’s an acronym that’s made it’s way to general usage in the UK/my nearing 30 generation (It stands for Big Fucking Deal, for anyone else who was wondering!). I did have to double check the ingredients after my first use as the blend of ingredients ending up smelling quite strongly of a very lavender-like fragrance, luckily it’s lavender free – but it’s been tricking me every time I’ve gone to use this.

This is quite a different oil texture to what I’m used to, it’s very thin gel and spreads over the skin easily as it’s massaged over. A little goes a long way and I’m glad to see that the full size features a pump as it would be the easiest way to distribute product, as it’s such a thin oil I can imagine squeezing out could easily mean you often end up with way too much. The oil seems to melt down makeup pretty easily – even stubborn and bright eye makeup seems to be demolished with ease, but when rinsed away it doesn’t seem to emulsify and turn into a milk as I have come to expect with most oils and balms.
It left the skin feeling soft, clean and the process was very gentle. I used a damp microfibre cloth to wipe off the product on the face, which is my preferred method of removal, but it also works well with just using water splashed onto the face and using hands to wash away. I just find I use less water with a cloth and can more easily see what I’m doing in a mirror.
Overall I’ve been left very impressed with this and it’s been one of the better cleansing oils I’ve tried. Effective on stubborn makeup, quick to do the job and caring on the skin.

I was really impressed with both Fourth Ray cleansers and I think they come in at a really good price point and are well worth a try if you’re a colour pop fan, in need of cleanser with your next order. For now, I’m all stocked up on cleanser, but should I need to purchase another in future and it ties in around the time of purchasing with Colourpop I can see myself picking up either/both of these as I enjoyed both so much! With sample sizes like this it’s obviously impossible to see long term skin benefits, but if you’ve been curious about trying, I’d say go for it!

These come in at $12 each and are available on the Colourpop and Fourth Ray websites.

Have you tried the Fourth Ray Cleansers?


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  1. Natalya Amour
    April 25, 2019 / 12:20 pm

    The packaging is so pretty and elegant
    Candice x

  2. Caroline Agoba
    April 25, 2019 / 1:26 pm

    I agree, there are some gel cleansers and I swear, they perform exactly like the ones you’d get in the pound shop. I’m curious to see if these will be any good.

  3. April 26, 2019 / 3:38 am

    I had never even heard of Fourth Ray until now! I have way too many cleansers right now, but they seem to have some interesting facial oils. I have never heard of watermelon seed oil in my life, would be very curious to know what it’s like!

  4. April 29, 2019 / 7:00 am

    Sounds like you’re having a bunch of bad luck with charger and all. I hope your camera will get better soon.
    I am curious about Fourth Ray too. If the shipping is separate from Colourpop, I’ll probably not buy any actually… because I am super cheap when it comes to shipping *LOL* BFD… seriously~~ we’re just getting old wahaha

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