Secret Scent Box – December 2019

Secret Scent Box – December 2019

[Gifted] I was surprised when I opened the door on Monday to find my postie waiting at the door with my Secret Scent Box amongst a small pile of other parcels, “are we that far into the month already?” I asked myself and that’s solidified that next week I’m going to have to go crazy doing my Christmas shopping as the days are whizzing past! But let’s take a look at what is inside December 2019’s Secret Scent Box.

If you don’t know how Secret Scent box works, it’s a monthly subscription service which brings you three perfumes (or aftershaves if signed up to the male version) for £14.99 a month. Each of the fragrances gives you approximately 5-10 uses each depending on how heavy handed you are. Personally I really like it because I love trialling different perfumes out, and it has given me opportunities to try brands I would never have looked at and ones that might not have caught my eye thanks to packaging. The boxes are a lovely little size and slip through the letterbox easily meaning if you miss it, there’s no infuriating trips to the post office to collect.

The other fantastic thing about Secret Scent box is that there’s some brief information included on each of the fragrances, which gives a description, notes whether the fragrance is new and lists the different notes inside. Perfect for fragrance nerds and those who aren’t great at describing fragrances!

In the December 2019 addition I really liked the brand line up again, and again there’s another Marc Jacobs scent which I’m sure a lot of subscribers would be happy to see.

Agent Provacteur Fatale Pink

This is the fragrance at the cheapest end of the spectrum this month, but I’m still happy to see it. I’ve never tried an Agent Provacatuer fragrance before, but I was kind of expecting it to be like what I associate with Victoria’s Secret scents – sweet and feminine. Whilst this is feminine, it doesn’t lean too much on the sweet side. It’s quite a fresh scent and I was expecting one of the notes to be “tea” or “green tea” as it has that kind of note to my nose. But the card of information leaves me corrected, the top notes are Tangerine, Pear and Yuzu Whipped Cream – I can’t especially smell the tangerine and pear but I do get a slight whiff of creaminess. The middle notes are more floral with lotus, camelia and datura which is what I smell first when it’s first sprayed as it settles, I can smell some of the camelia notes as the fragrance wears. The base notes are musk, bamboo and saffron – again, I can’t really smell musk and saffron, but I suspect the bamboo is what’s giving me the more “tea like” vibe. This fragrance isn’t my favourite, the notes aren’t my usual kind of jam but it’s something different!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau So Sweet 

Last month was the first Marc Jacobs perfume that I’ve had in the box, and now there’s a second! This one is a real treat to include as it’s a brand new scent from the popular brand, I know a lot of people really like MJ fragrances and like having the new ones, so it’s arrival in the box is just in time for those people to squeeze onto their Christmas list. Before I worked out I was allergic to MJ fragrances I owned a couple of the first Daisy perfumes, but not the Daisy Love version, this is supposedly a twist on that version with some added sweet freshness. This one is my favourite from this month’s lineup – with a slightly fizzy quality to the sweet floral notes, featuring stand out notes of raspberry, bergamot, white iris, daisy, sugar musk and jasmine. This is a nice blend between being floral and sweet without being a gourmand.

Burberry Brit Sheer

They describe Brit Sheer as a great all round fragrance from Burberry, and I have to agree! It’s a very nice floral fragrance with some lighter fruity notes mixed in. The top notes of pineapple, litchi and mandarin add some light fruity freshness to the floral mid notes of peony, yuzu, peach blossom and sweet pea, and is complimented with warm base notes of white musk or white woods. The middle notes are the most distinctive to me it’s most noteably floral, but the different groups of top and base notes stop if being flat. This would make a lovely every day perfume and it’s pricepoint or a 100ml bottle is pretty good too so wouldn’t break the bank!

And that’s it! I appreciate the range of price points in the box this month, great for thinking about gifting for others – but it would have been nice I think if one of the fragrances was a bit warmer and darker for Christmas. For me personally at this time of year I love cracking out something warm and spicy and it would have been nice to smell something that’s a little more festive!


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