Garnier Milky Micellar Water Review

Many regular readers will know just from seeing my empties over the past few years that the Garner Micellar water is one I rarely deviate from, when I try I’m often left disappointed and I find myself returning to a tried and trusted favourite. I like trying the new versions of it that come to market – from the Micellar Cleaning Gel and the oil infused ones – I’ve tried them all. Thus far the original pink topped micellar always comes out on top. But when I saw an advert for their new Milky Micellar Water last week my ears pricked up and my eyes went scarily wide, as I knew I had to try it.

I’ll start by saying I’ve only had this for about a week – but with something as basic as Micellar water, I know pretty instantly whether it’s something I like, or don’t. I’m sure given the heavy level of advertising this has had there will be lots searching out reviews so I thought I’d give this a whirl to see whether it was better than the original, and I was interested to see just what this product’s texture would be like.

This comes in a very similar bottle to the original and if it wasn’t for the colour of the fluid inside it would be easily mistakable on the shelf, as bar the world Milky on the front the packaging is identical from the pink topped cap to the shape of the bottle. I do think they missed a slight trick with this – how fun would it have been to see this shaped like a glass milk bottle?

This is geared towards more Dry and Sensitive skins – I confess straight up that I’m more of an oily girl – but I’m also dehydrated and any extra boost of moisture is welcomed from me.

The product has a slight scent unlike the original – it’s like a light milky soap – it’s not offensive and I’ve not found that it lingers. there’s no additional perfume which is good to see it’s just the natural scent of the ingredients combined.

For the same sized bottle it is a little pricier which surprised me – I bought this on offer for £3.99 in Boots (normally £5.99) where as the 400ml bottle was on offer for £3.33 and priced £4.99 normally. I hunted this out in my local superdrug and supermarkets first and couldn’t find it – so just a note it’s not yet available everywhere as easily as the original.

The texture of this wasn’t as milky as a cows milk – it was a lot thicker than I thought it might be, a bit like emulsified cleansing oil. You can see from the picture below that it’s a bit more gloopy – thicker and definitely not as watery as I was expecting, looking a little bit… adult? This verges on gel territory for me.

It’s performance is what really matters here – so let’s move onto that.

The bottle describes the product as “reducing the feeling of tightness”, with no “greasy or sticky finish”. I have to say whilst I agree with the first statement – as my skin feels hydrated after use, I do find that it leaves a bit of a sticky residue – not unpleasant, but a bit like a moisturiser which is slightly tacky. The micellar water leaves my skin feeling completely butt naked once dry with not a trace of anything left behind – this does feel a like there’s a thin coating left over my skin.

It removes base makeup well, and following up with a micellar coated pad after shows that there is no traces of base makeup that this seems to leave behind as my micellar coated pad comes off clean. However it only does a semi-good job on the eyes, it removes the worst of eyeshadow, mascara and liner. But I’ve found I have to rub my eyes more to remove 80% of the traces, a micellar water soaked pad picked up residue despite a lot more “scrubbing” than I would usually do.

The fact it’s thicker on the pad means it doesn’t feel as watery on the skin either – it feels like it doesn’t spread as far as what Micellar water does as it doesn’t soak into the pad in the same way. The 400ml bottles of Garnier Micellar water last me 2-3 months, I think I’ll run through this a lot quicker. I normally can use one cotton oval on both sides for my face and it removes pretty much everything (on your average makeup wearing day), with this I’ve found I need to go in with a second pad as it’s not soaked through fully to the other side, and there’s not enough product to go around.

Garnier Milky Micellar Water

Garnier Original Micellar Water

RRP (400ml bottle) £5.99 £4.00
RRP based price per ml 1.49p 1.24p

I can see how those with dry skins would like this in particular – but I wouldn’t be afraid of trying it regardless of your skin type. If you’re a big fan of the original, I don’t think you’ll prefer this one over the other, however if you like milkier toners for example then this might be an interesting alternative to try. For me I prefer the simplicity of the more watery texture and find because it spreads further too it will remain the most cost effective solution for me in the long term.

The Milky Micellar Water can be found on Boots here currently on offer at the time of writing for £3.99.


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24 thoughts on “Garnier Milky Micellar Water Review

  1. I laughed out loud at “Looking a little bit… adult?” Exactly what I was thinking, haha. I wonder if it leaves a bit of a residue as a moisture booster if it’s geared towards dry skin?


    1. When I was typing this up at my lunch break at work my friend was like “erm, that looks wrong” and it was exactly what I was already writing haha!
      I suspect so, it leaves a bit too much for my liking – I like my skin to feel entirely clean after a micellar product so the fact it leaves a fairly noticeable residue behind is a bit too much for me

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m using the regular pink Garnier micellar water right now which I quite like but I’ve been curious to try the blue cap one but maybe this milky one is more suited to my needs. I haven’t seen this one being sold around here though.
    That picture of the gel-water pouring out of the bottle though… LOL 😆


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