Time for Another Colourpop Haul – October 2018

Most of the time I’m finding that Colourpop now give me launch fatigue – it takes a special release from them to stop me in my tracks and decide that it’s something I 100% need. That happened at the end of September and I’ve had to wait a few weeks for things to arrive to me here in the UK. I nervously placed the order to my current address with a month to go – I know in the past my orders have taken anywhere from 2 to 3 and a half weeks. But luckily it arrived in time.

For those of you who aren’t aware in the UK, Colourpop now includes customs in the checkout – so there’s not as high handling fees and you’re not wondering what extortionate amount the post office will charge you when you receive a new parcel. In the case of my order it added on an extra £8 to my order, but it’s now clear in the checkout what the total it’s going to cost you is  – which I much prefer.

The launch in question was the Disney Designer collection – and I know I wasn’t the only one who had my eye on it too – it’s the first Colourpop collection in a long time that I can remember selling out as quick as it did. I was on the site the second it was released, with just three item I was after and by the time I was checking out after just three minutes on the site one became sold out as I was going through Paypal!

So here’s what I managed to get.

Lux Lipstick in Ariel
I don’t have a specific favourite Disney Princess and I was purely picking colours etc I liked for this collection, if I’m being honest, I think they could have done something much nicer with the packaging, maybe some nice silhouettes of characters, instead of signatures of the characters. 

Ariel however caught my eye for a specific reason, it looked like a really close colour to my original MAC Brave (I’ll report back in on that, I have a little nub of it for dupe testing left!). I’m a big fan of the Lux formula and it was a pretty neutral regardless so even if my suspicions don’t pay off I thought it was worth getting anyway.

Lux Lipstick in Belle
I really liked the colour of this one too, it’s another more neutral shade but looked like a good neutral for the autumn as it was a smidge darker with a mauve berry tone. 

Now and Zen Pressed Powder Shadow (+ Compact)
One of my favourite eyeshadows of all time is Voltage from Makeup Geek it’s amazing in the inner corner and I’ve been thinking of getting another and a little z-palette to keep separate for travel. This however looked very similar and you could pay an extra dollar to gave it in it’s own case. I thought it was worth a try, so I can stop taking my huge singles palette just for one shadow for a weekend away. First impressions it swatches very similarly! 

Glass Bull Pressed Powder Shadow
On my last Colourpop order my friend Lora picked this up and it looked beautiful, since then I’ve had it in my head to get it the next time I did an order. I’m sure I’m going to discover I may have something similar in the duochrome formula from Makeup Geek already, but I wanted it anyway.

Once and Floral Jelly Much Shadow
I’ve heard good things about this formula and it’s a type of product that’s quite out of my comfort zone so I wanted to give it a try. A very strange jelly texture that supposedly locks into place. I had a hard time deciding what colour to get, but decided this coppery cranberry number might pair well with my next and final purchase.

Good Sport Eyeshadow Palette
My blog friends and I regularly discuss new releases across the world of beauty and when we talked about this one initially about a month ago I was like eh-not-for-me. The more I looked at it though the more I thought it would be great for autumn and winter. It’s more muted cool tones were unusually calling to me and I liked the mix of jewel tones in with it too. Unfortunately Colourpop sent me the highlighter palette instead and are having to resend me this. So that leads to me to my non-purchase, accidental freebie.

Crush on You Highlighting Palette
This was from the same collection as the Good Sport Collection so I’m sure they are stored near each other. I’ve got one super shock highlighter from Colourpop which wasn’t my favourite and it kinda put me off trying any others from them. But I’m yet to try the more pressed formula, so hopefully this works better for me. These shades are stunning, and would work well on the eyes as well as on intended cheeks. There’s a bronze, gold, white and pink toned shades but still remains wearable.

So that’s my haul, I also picked up a present or two for Christmas that I’d spotted. I really wanted to snag the Tiana lipstick as I thought it would be perfect for autumn and I’m thinking of getting it when the Disney Collection restocks again.

Have you bought anything from Colourpop lately?

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21 thoughts on “Time for Another Colourpop Haul – October 2018

  1. The highlighter and eyesahdow palettes look pretty, can’t wait to see some tutorials of yours with them/you use them in a FOTD or something! The jelly shadow sounds interesting, hope it lives up to it’s claims 🙂 Beautiful lipstick colours x


  2. Ooh I haven’t bought anything since the customs change but that sounds much better than waiting for the dreaded grey card. I really want to try those lipsticks because I like the formula- waiting on the restock! x


  3. Yes! I finally got some bits from Colourpop (well my partner got them for our anniversary). The Disney collection lured me in. I got the Ariel lipstick, the colour looks gorgeous xx


  4. I do love the boxes / outside packaging for the Lux Lipsticks and how they use the princesses. Brings out the kid in me and I want to buy them all. So from a PR POV its hit the nail on the head!
    I completely get what you mean by the actual stick packaging, they could have done more I think. It’s not as stand out in the line of lippies if they where all in my bag together.


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