Found in TK Maxx Haul – September 2018

I’ve had a thought about doing a series of monthly pick ups from TK Maxx. As you all know at the moment my main focus is beauty here at the moment but we officially have our move date (29th October… eek!) after finally exchanging contracts yesterday and plan to mix it up each month with my favourite finds from TK Maxx.

TK Maxx is my favourite happy place, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of scoring a deal and if I’m having a rough week at work you can guarantee that one lunch time I’ll be found perusing the housewares and beauty aisles for some bargains. It’s not very often I leave TK Maxx empty handed, so what I’m thinking is I’ll collect up my purchases over the month and do a showcase at the end.

Some months it may be more beauty focused (depends how good the brands they have in are) and other months there could be more homeware (and likely as the move comes there will be more and more homeware!). I decided to skip the one oven mitt I bought this month until I’ve properly introduced interiors content, but there’s a little picture snippet at the end! 

So here’s the first of many, meet my Found in TK Maxx Haul

Milk Makeup Charcoal Cleanser
RRP £24.00 / Price £6.99

Okay… my cleanser stash had been running low but I ended up placing an order for three from Beauty Pie for a post review, but when all the Milk Makeup items turned up in TK Maxx at the start of the summer, I was on the hunt for this and couldn’t find it anywhere! I’ve decided to just stash it away for now as I’ve now got three new ones on the go for comparison, but I’m guessing by the new year I’ll be onto this and ready to give it a try. I spotted a few other items from Milk lingering, mainly nail stuff and the Urban Defence mask I tried a couple of months ago.

Glow Lab Facial Serum
RRP $20NZ (approx £10.00) / Price £6.99

I got a bit excited when I found this and I realised when I left the shop I had mistaken the brand for Glow Recipe (who I had been wanting to try products from!). Good news is I’ve been out of a serum and it was cheap so I haven’t necessarily lost out too much – The brand is made in New Zealand and I’m struggling to find it sold anywhere online – there’s one online store called Countdown who stocks it and that’s it as far as I can see. The brand is quite budget friendly anyway, but it seems to have a good free from list and it’s cruelty free. We’ll see how this pans out, hopefully I don’t love it as it may be difficult to find again! 

Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette
RRP £39.00 / Price £16.99

For about a month I’ve been visiting TK Maxx’s more than normal as they’ve had a lot of ABH in (particularly the Subculture and highlight palettes), but thus far I’ve had no luck tracking them down. This however proved a great stand in for the ABH bargains lingering somewhere! The box for this was open and I was expecting that it was going to be swatched, who ever had taken a peek at it left me a happy lady as it didn’t have a mark on it!

I know the Chocolate Bar palettes are some people’s most loved, and I’ve gone so long without trying one I thought it was about time! Funnily just a few weeks go I was looking at all the Too Faced palettes in a store and one of the ones I was drawn to most (if not most!) was this one! It has a really pretty mix of neutrals, golds and pops of sparkly blues and pinks.

I’m thinking of doing a full face of makeup I’ve never tried post (maybe video if I can work out the logistics!) and this will probably be the palette of choice reserved for that! 

So that’s my three items I picked up from the store this month, grand total spend (Oven mitt included!) was £36.96 and it should have been £89.95 – a pretty good saving!
Let me know if you’re a TK Maxx/Winners/TJ Maxx shopper and what deals you’ve managed to snag recently or whether you’ve tried any of the items I picked up!

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26 thoughts on “Found in TK Maxx Haul – September 2018

  1. You have convinced me to take a shopping trip down TK Maxx tomorrow after work!! I walk past it everyday however don’t pop in as often as one might think (maybe twice a month?). I adore your Too Faced find. I actually haven’t tried Too Faced at all and you have just reminded me I bought a Make Up For Ever set from TK Maxx last Christmas which I have yet to properly try…


  2. There’s a been some awesome finds at our Winners lately too! I also picked up that Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette, which I ended up really loving! The formula works so well for me – in fact, I’m toying with getting the Chocolate Bar palette based on how much I like the Semi-Sweet one (I’d been debating between the 2 for ages).
    I also managed to snag a Kat Von D Shade & Light eye shadow palette, and a couple of Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadows. Oh and also I scored a MAC Look in a Box called Endless Sunshine which included 2 eyeshadows, a blush, an eyeliner, a mascara – everything was full sized except for the blush with was half of regular size (but I never finish a blush anyway) – the whole kit was C$30!


    1. there’s been so many NARS dual intensity shadows here too but all the ones I’ve found have been a bit questionable colours and not that disounted!
      I’ve spotted a few bits from Kat Von D mostly the setting spray I think!
      I did spot a MAC palette yesterday from a Limited edition that I’d never seen before! That’s an amazing snag on the MAC look in a box – I’d have snapped it up – let’s face it, you didn’t need the full size blush hahah

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I managed to snag the Nars Dual Intensity shadows in Dione (taupey champagne) and Telesto (bronze) and they were C$9 each (compared to regularly C$36 each!). I’m still on the lookout for the shade Himalia which has been on my wishlist for a while…


  3. Countdown is a NZ supermarket 😛 I’ve never heard of that brand lol!

    The Too Faced palette looks so pretty, the pops of colour alongside the neutral shades are nice 🙂 hope you enjoy the palette! The face of makeup you’ve never tried post/video sounds great xx


  4. Ooo, I haven’t been to TJ Maxx for a while… like you, I cannot leave empty-handed! The beauty section can be so great, and if I cannot find anything there, the home section will do me in.

    I’m cracking up that you hope the serum isn’t that good, I know exactly how that is! Hard to find stuff is not allowed to make a difference in your skin.


    1. I originally thought it was a much easier brand to get a hold of when I bought it – now I can’t find it online anywhere to purchase in the UK I don’t want it to be! I love the homeware section too, we have purely homeware stores here that are owned by TK Maxx called home sense, unfortunately there are none near me so I don’t get to go very often.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think the Home Goods shops we have here are owned by TJ Maxx, but whenever I see posts from bloggers/vloggers in Home Sense it always looks a lot nicer than Home Goods! Maybe my local one is just bleh :]


  5. I’m obsessed with TJ MAXX but I’ve been trying to stay away lately. I was getting to the point that my phone started saying “it 20 minutes to the Marshalls” everyday on my way home. 🤦🏻‍♀️ so cool that you found Milk Makeup!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. TKMaxx is my favourite happy place too, that and Homesense. I’ve had many a fab makeup bargain in there. Although, I always check as quite often someone’s swatched it and ruined it! You’ve got some great little gems here.

    Samantha x


      1. I picked up a gorgeous highlighter palette, luckily I got them to check it at the til and for sure someone had swiped their fingers across all the pans. So bad!! Good for you with the campaign lovely. Hope it comes off x


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