Ten Empties #9

I said in my last empties that it wouldn’t be long before the next and I wasn’t wrong – less than a week later the products that were on their last legs were finished up and done. I think there may be a longer pause between my tenth (yep! how did we get there already!) as so many products now have come to their natural end for me, I feel like I’ll be starting afresh with many products. This empties is a real mix from just about every category, so with that said lets jump in!


Lord & Berry Magic Brow Pencil 
A target for the last few months to get finished up. This was a marbled coloured brow pencil which had the idea of providing a natrual multi-tonal brow. Sometimes the marble was genius othertimes the white in it was too prominent and gave my nearly black brows a grey hue. It wore well and lasted well, but it’s a bit of an odd shade that wouldn’t suit many people.
Repurchase? NoMaStila Stay All Day Liner (Review)

When I reviewed this I said that the real proof in the pudding for if I would repurchase in future would be how long it lasted before it dried up an it was around 4 months. There was still a little bit of life left in this but I was finding I was having to double line over eyeshadow as the nib was getting drier and there was less pigment coming out
Repurchase? Already have a deluxe size on the go, but after that I’ll be going back to Illamasqua

Pur Corrective Illuminate and Glow Primer
I can’t remember which beauty box I got this in, but it had been lingering untried for quite a while so I’ve been testing this for a good few weeks. Firstly, I don’t really know what this is correcting – applied to my skin I don’t feel like it balances anything out. It has a slight golden pearl finish when applied but once foundation is on it can’t be seen. It had a little bit of a sticky finish which meant it clung onto foundation and helped it last a bit longer through the day.
Repurchase? No


Victoria’s Secret Rush Body Spray
Another one that’s been on my use up lists for a good six months, over the past few months this has been my go-to for work, sometimes layered with other things but it took an age for me to get to the end. When it finally stopped spritzing, I was happy to see it gone. I love the Victoria’s Secret scents in general but this one felt more generic. I’d not pick this one up again. I have one left from the three I picked up in New York almost 2 and a half years ago and I’ve always had one on the go… it goes to show how long these bottles last!
Repurchase? Nope


Primark Micellar Water Wipes Twinpack
I included these as one empty as it’s a twin pack for £1, you have to buy two together so I treated them as one empty. For such a budget wipe these were actually pretty good, I used these more often than I should over April as I was travelling so much for odd nights away here and there and it was easier than taking a brand new big bottle of micellar water.
Repurchase? Maybe, but Primark is a bit difficult for me to get to for such a cheap product I’d spend more parking than I would the actual wipes!

sCosmetics Oily Skin Facial Scrub
I picked this up as I saw oily skin and thought it was worth a go at a budget price of £2.50, this range is really hard to find out much about but it is available in larger Tesco stores, but it’s a Spanish born brand. I hadn’t really been paying too much attention to the details of this scrub as I had it in the shower and it wasn’t until I was about three quarters of the way through it that I noticed it was microbead based – so I’m sorry fish! I stopped using it as soon as I realised. This was just a generic scrub I didn’t feel like it did anything extra towards oilyness, but I wouldn’t recommend anyway because of the microbeads.
Repurchase? Nopedy nope.


Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil (100ml)
I got this for Christmas years ago, before we moved into our house so 4+ years. I’m not a huge body oil person in general and this only tended to get used when I asked for a massage. This is very expensive alone – £37, and as much as I liked the scent it wasn’t a product for me worth spending that much on, but if you can get it as part of a set and want to give it a try anyway, the scent is lovely.
Repurchase? No

Radox Feel Detoxed Shower Gel
This was another item that I picked up as part of our trip to Snowdon in the supermarket and had low expectations of. I’ve been a bit of shower gel snob over the past year and haven’t really used anything ‘cheap’, but this smelt amazing – it was really moisurising with a clay base an acai berries. It smelt amazing on the skin – can I say it was really detoxing? No not really, but it has the right kind of ingredients and for a quid, it wasn’t bad at all. When I’ve got through my stash of shower gels (which isn’t that many more) this would be one I’d repurchase!
Repurchase? Yes


7th Heaven Argan Oil Hair Mask
I completely forgot that I was given this at an event last year and it was put into my face mask box by mistake, when I was flicking through looking for something new to try I spotted it and immediately migrated it to my shower. You may have seen on my instastories that I’ve gone for quite a dramatic chop and colour change in a bid to remove the green from my hair, but prior to that my hair was in need of a good cut anyway as the ends were pretty dry and I thought it would be a good time to put it to the test whilst my hair was at it’s worst.
I had lowish expectations of this but it made my hair so soft and silky, my hair was pretty long and I felt like I was stretching one mask out to it’s limit and I could have done with a bit more, but on the very bottom of the lengths where it was dosed more heavily it worked a treat.
Repurchase? Yes!

General Consumables

Nutmeg Cotton Wool Squares
I won’t talk about these too much as there in empties so often, fab fantastic cotton pads from the baby section at Morrison’s and they’re a fifth of the price of my old square favouries.
Repurchase? Already Have!


Hawaiian Tropic Duo Defence SPF 30
I applied this over the bank holiday after being sent a sachet, and well it didn’t last all day clearly as I burnt on the back of my neck where I was very careful to apply it.

Eco Boutique Shampoo
The last one of these I think (i’ll probably find some more hidden away somewhere!), yet again used up to wash my makeup sponges.

BareMinerals BareSkin
I went to start using this and I realised all the pigment had leaked out and left a watery serum behind.

Pure Eyeshadow Palette and Brushes
This isn’t really an empty, but I’m just binning it. It came in my last Look Incredible box and it was gross, sweaty concealers, horrible colours and rubbish quality. In normal circumstances I would have charitied this – but it was that gross I didn’t think anywhere would want it. If you’re wondering the response I got from Look Incredible after my review mentioned I wrote an email to them… I didn’t even get an acknowledgement!

You can peek at my 2018 empties spreadsheet at any time by clicking here. I’ve just hit the £700 value mark for the year so far, that’s a bit nuts! if you would like to read the first posts in the series, you can click here to see what I already finished up this year and read through my others.

Have you tried any of these? What have you finished up recently – let me know in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “Ten Empties #9

  1. Another empties! I don’t know how you do it 😂 I got a sample of that bare minerals and found it very oily, can’t imagine it would have worked well for your skin to be honest. I’ve got the 7th heaven mask in my empties bin too though, it made my hair very soft and whishy too! Xx


  2. I loved reading this post and the products that you have used! Also, your photos are fab love the background to them!

    Phoebe x


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