Four Spring Lip Picks

I think in my whole time blogging I’ve never done a post like this – a seasonal little roundup of some things that I’ve been loving. That’s partially I think because I don’t particularly abide by the trends people tend to follow at certain times of year – e.g wearing dark red lips in summer – but also I tend to flit between different products.

LA Splash Wickedly Divine Liquid Lipstick in Bride’s Revenge

I’ve chopped and changed my liquid lipsticks a lot at the moment as I’ve been testing loads for that giant comparison post that’s taking me over 6 months to curate. And I’ve got the point where I’ve got a little bit of liquid lipstick burnout and there’s not many I’m enjoying wearing at the moment.

One I am refusing to retire to the ‘used and tested box’ however is this one. This really reminds me of my OG MAC Brave lipstick I’ve been trying so hard to find a good shade replacement for – it has a peachy neutral undertone which can often make me look a bit… dead because they are often too pale. This is a comfortable formula – matte with a bit of a satin sheen, with long wear time and I find myself reaching for this a lot because it’s such a good neutral for me it pairs well with most makeup looks. I completely recommend this formula and despite my liquid lipstick burnout this is a formula I’m considering getting a few more from!

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Violate

I posted a review of five mini Urban Decay lipsticks about two months ago and this is one that has been reached for weekly since then. Just after I took pictures of this on my lips and did the swatches on my arm though it snapped off with some over zealous swatching, so I may have to invest in the full size as I love this colour.

This is such a creamy feeling formula which feels really comfortable on the lips whilst also having really good staying power. This is another good shade for pairing with a lot of makeup looks as it’s not too obviously coloured – this one has a slight lilac-leaning pink hue to the lips which makes it feel quite different to the other colours on the lips and gives off a slightly different vibe.

100% Pure Lip Glaze in Velveteen

I’ve mentioned this a few times recently as it’s an item that’s targeted to be a product for me to use up this year, and it’s been one that’s happily become a handbag staple since. This is such a good lipstick for going in the handbag because it’s comfortable and pairs well with just about any makeup look. It’s got a semi-sheer finish and adds just a hint of colour over my natural lips with a warm pink tone, whilst it’s been a great lipstick for keeping in my handbag for always having something easy to top up with on the go, I find that I’m going downstairs in the morning and it being the one that I want to apply first thing too.

MAC Cosmetics Liptensity in Claretcast

I bought Claretcast last year and I really didn’t show it much love at all until this spring. Just like all the other lipstick formulas it’s comfortable and easy to wear. This is the most colourful out of the bunch and is another colour that’s good paired with a lot of looks – in the tube it looks quite pink and depending on what colours it’s paired with it can pull pink or red on the lips. Another balmy feeling formula but with high pigment and staying power it’s become a firm favourite for my more statement lips over the spring.

Bride’s Revenge, Violate, Velveteen, Claretcast

What are your favourite lipsticks this spring?

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14 thoughts on “Four Spring Lip Picks

  1. I love all of these colours, they do seem spring-y! It’s interesting how pink the bullet of Violate looks but how much more lilac it looks on your lips. Bride’s Revenge looks so beautiful on you x


  2. All the lipsticks look so pretty on you!! ❤ 🙂 I absolutely love Urban Decay's line of lipsticks. They're definitely creamy and last a really long time!! I think, aside from Tarte, Urban Decay is my favorite line right now! Wonderful post! ❤ 🙂


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