ColourPop Haul – January 2018

I know what you’re thinking. “Wasn’t you meant to be on a no buy?” and yes I am. This was an order that was placed at the middle of December and thanks to Christmas it meant it was a little slow arriving. You may remember mid last year I hauled some items from Colourpop and had picked some things out for my sister’s Birthday. It was her first foray with Colourpop having not even heard of the brand, she was impressed and gave me a little list of items that she wanted for us to do a split order. I also roped in Soph (aka Colourpop obsessive) for us to share the customs charge together.

I suggested we wait out a discount code or offer online before we placed an order, as they do them virtually every weekend, and sure enough they had 20% off the entire site and a free palette if you spent over $75.

Golden State of Mind Palette

It just so happened that this palette was one that I wanted to get and was one of the free options for when you spent over $75. I bought a couple of additional things below that weren’t on my immediate list to get as it made sense to get this for free rather than buy it then pick out another palette I was less keen on getting. This is one of the slightly larger pre-made palettes, it’s all metallics all a mix of neutrals and golden tones. The top row are iridesent shades that remind me of MAC Reflects glitters in pressed form. I really love the metallic formulas in the Yes Please palette and this should live up to the same quality.

Supernova Liquid Shadows in Dragon, Mothership & Running in Orbits

2017 was the year I fell deeply in love with the Stila Magnificent Metals. I was keen to a) try a much cheaper alternative and b) pick out some less neutral shades. Colourpop whilst having a smaller range does step further away from safe neutrals so I was keen to pick things which I thought were different to what I already had.

Dragon is a gorgeous bright firey orange copper, described as having teal, pink, silver and gold glitter scattered throughout. Mothership is a lovely darker teal shade and Running in Orbits is online looked like a a warm taupe with a slight duochrome pink shift with subtle blue glitter flecks, in person it’s closer to Dragon than I imagined and is more bronzey. Lastly Moon Lit, a shade I didn’t remember ordering and I thought for a while it had been thrown in by mistake (until I consulted my packing slip and saw, no I had paid for it) – I’m glad I did as it might be my favourite shade, it’s a gorgeous pink plum with pink, turquoise, and violet glitters in. I can’t wait to try these and I will definitely compare them with the 4 times more expensive Stila ones which I love so much.

Going Steady Pressed Shadow Pan

Just one single pressed shadow pan, these were reduced so heavily it was incredibly tempting, but I’ve found I haven’t been reaching for my large z-palette of Colourpop and Makeup Geek singles that much recently (too many new palettes). This is a gorgeous deep wine colour which is somewhere between a pink and a pink and a red. I feel like this is the colour I’ve been trying to find for ages – a lot of what I’ve bought has leaned too bright, too red or too pink. This looks like the shade that the ABH Modern Renaissance palette was tempting me to buy and I feel like I’ve nearly found the one shade I wanted from that palette in a single, this time it’s a bit too purple *sigh*.

No Filter Concealer in Beige

Lastly was one of their concealers. I’ve heard really mixed things about these concealers but being so budget friendly I wanted to give them a go regardless. The 20% off tempted me slightly earlier than I might have done otherwise as I do have a few concealers I’m trying to declutter and use up. I picked the shade beige which is described as having peach undertones so I thought it might be good for brightening under the eyes.


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27 thoughts on “ColourPop Haul – January 2018

  1. Colourpop obsessive- dats me! Haha. I realise i didn’t even know what you were getting even though we were ordering together. The golden state of mind palette is one of the only ones i don’t have it looks gorgeous! Cant wait to see what you think of the concealer xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You and Sophie are proper ColourPop addicts now! 😆
    I’ve heard the ColourPop liquid shadows are a bit runnier compared to the Stila ones. I hope you’ll like them.
    I’d be curious to hear your thoughts about the concealer!


    1. Oh I’m no where near Sophie’s level! I have a bit of a half and half relationship with them, I like their eye stuff but I’m really not all that bothered about their lips, nothing wows me enough formula wise to make me want to stock up on more. I have one of each formula and I’m done, no plans to get more. This was my largest order from them as I had had small but frequent ones. I’ve already started to tune out a bit, they’re releasing new stuff like crazy and it’s impossible to keep up


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