Teeny Weeny Beauty Bay Haul

I wouldn’t normally post little hauls like this but the items I picked up were too gorgeous not to share so I thought I would throw this in as a little weekend bonus post for you. I, and lots of my friends had been patiently waiting for a certain holiday collection to launch on Beauty Bay and on Monday it finally did – we all placed our orders intermittently and it arrived in traditional super speedy ‘economy’ delivery service on Wednesday, which made going back to work after two days off with a fever and cold a little more bareable. I’ve also fell behind with my photographs with some certain makeup items I was planning to review this week to said cold and fever.

So here’s my three little items I picked up.

I’ll start with the most boring first – the Morphe Angled Liner brush M160, I was looking to try another angled brushes as I wanted to find a brush I could stock up on a couple of that would a) make getting a thin smooth line really easy b) give me an extra buffer between washing them properly. I only have two angled liner brushes, one of which is the MAC one which I’ve had for 5+ years and is starting to get a bit tired, and the other is the Real Techniques Bold Metals which I actually don’t rate very highly because it gets so clogged up. I’m not reaching for my gel liner as much as I normally would because it’s not easy to apply with either brush any more. For some of my Stila Magnificent Metals I find that they soak up a liquid liner a bit too much an I can layer and layer, and some work much better with a gel liner.

At £3.50 a pop this had good reviews and are really affordable so if they apply gel liner well and clean easily I’ll definitely look to add another brush or two with my next order as they’re so affordable or I’ll try out some more from Morphe I’ve been impressed with the couple I bought a few months back.

Link to buy

Next up the first of two Velour Liquid lipsticks from the Jeffree Star Christmas Collection, and proably the one I’m most excited for, Pointsettia. This would normally be way out of my comfort zone but I’ve really been into red lipsticks this year – not only is it red, but it’s metallic but for some reason I was completely drawn to it when I watched Jeffree’s launch video. What I like about it its that it’s a very wearable metallic, instead of it being a red with a gold fleck it’s pure red and doesn’t feel really nineties. I’ve worn this once so far on the one day I managed to stumble into work last week and I do really like it, I think this will get a lot of wear over the festive season.

Last up was the shade Berries On Ice, another shade that I was drawn to. I have a very similar shade from MAC which I love the colour of, but the more I wear the formula the more I go off it, but I’ve endured it because the shade is gorgeous in autumn and winter. I’m hoping J* formula which I’m a big fan of will be better in this shade.

One thing I should mention is the packaging of these. When I saw them in the video I was like man that’s pretty, but in real life they’re infinitely prettier. Holo boxes and lettering on the packaging with the gradiated pink glitter tube. Too pretty to resist, and I had to keep myself restrained, there was 4 shades in total I was eyeing up, I skipped on Santa Baby, a darker matte red and Christmas Cookies – a peachy nude. I could be tempted to go back for Christmas Cookies if it comes back into stock as I think it’s a colour I would wear a lot but is more of a spring shade to me, which is how I made it miss the cut this time round!

Link to the Jeffree Star 2017 Christmas Liquid Lips

Have you picked up any pre-Christmas little treats for yourself?

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32 thoughts on “Teeny Weeny Beauty Bay Haul

  1. Sometimes small hauls are just as good! Fingers crossed the brush does what you need 🙂 That packaging is incredible, it must be so pretty in real life. Is the glitter rough or smooth?


      1. I have attempted no buys before and I’m bad at it, I even put myself on a low buy this month and am kind of failing. I’m thinking that in the new year I may give myself a budget and see how that goes.


  2. The Christmas packaging of the liquid lipsticks is so gorgeous…. ❤ It's like love at first sight! No doubt you picked them up… I would love to try them. Thank you for such a sweet post.. 🙂 ❤


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