Barry M Socialite Polish – Review & Swatch

After a pretty passionate relationship with Barry M’s Fashion Icon polish which I reviewed about a month ago, I decided I needed to go and pick up the other polish in the same formula, Socialite. Fashion Icon was a gorgeous blue violet purple, whilst Socialite is it’s bright pink just as sparkly sister.

This was part of the Glitterati collection which launched back in 2015, it seems as if this was a limited edition collection of six shades, which has seen two become permanent – they once came with a textured gold cap, and they’re now the normal black lids – I’ve been scouring the shelves in shops for the last few weeks and no matter what size of Barry M stand I’ve come across I’ve not been able to find the other shades, it seems like these are the last two standing.

Just like Fashion Icon, Socialite has a blue sheen to some of the glitters which catches in particular lights well. In it’s blurple sister, the shift is a lot stronger – on this one it really depends on darker lights to notice that blue sheen, I’m not complaining, it’s quite a nice touch, but you’ll notice why there’s one swatch that’s particularly dark compared to the others but the blue shift is stronger.



Alongside the blue, the base of the polish is made up of a fine pink glitter with a good dashing of holo scattered through too, the polish texture is quite thick but it has a much sheerer base than the other from this range and requires two-three coats to get it to being fully opaque. After only a few wears I’m already a good chunk of the way down this bottle (as far as I go through polishes anyway!), and that’s due to me wearing it a lot. And I’ve been wearing it more frequently because I’ve not been able to get pictures of it… mainly because it chips so damn quickly.

Glitter polishes can be one of two things, stick to your nails like tar and be a complete and utter nightmare to remove, or peel off really easily and I’d always rather the first option out of the two. This falling into the latter means I’ve had to put up with very short wear time with this at just a day before it starts to peel off at the corners, either in whole nails or unattractive large chips. No top coat or base coat I’ve tried it with thus far has helped, which now means that it will become reserved as an occasion polish only for me and will be reached for only if it’s the perfect polish to go with a perfect outfit, which I’m guessing is going to be pretty rare.

Let me know if you can think of any similar colours with dimension, I love the shade and want something that will just last a bit longer on the nail!


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13 thoughts on “Barry M Socialite Polish – Review & Swatch

  1. Lovely colour, have you tried any of the essence out of space stories nail polish? I love the mix of colours in space glam. My Polish doesn’t last more than a day because of work, kids etc x

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  2. In a way, it’s good that it peels off – I typically stay away from glitters due to the tough removal! This is so pretty and glowy, I especially love the peekaboo blue!


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