The Troublemaker Mascara from Urban Decay

It was pretty obvious to me that I would be trying this mascara from the moment I saw it online, the pretty packaging definitely drew me in, however I also knew the type of wand on the mascara is not usually what I tend to fall in love with. Sometimes I do, but often I don’t – so when I saw a miniature version of it at the Urban Decay shop whilst in London, I thought it would be the perfect size to trial without spending a lot of money on a mascara I may not like (add to that I also have a huge mascara backlog at the moment, and definitely did not need to buy a new one!)

Whilst I have a big love for Urban Decay, one thing I’ve never gotten along with too well in the past is their mascaras. Keen to put our pasts behind them for the same of loving a beautiful mascara was a risk I was willing to take, the mascara also comes with some curiously bold claims. The box on this lists that it has 13.7x the Volume (compared to 3D Volume Effect Mascara… I looked it up), Lengthening and Separating as it curls.

Oh, and it’s supposedly sex proof.

The packing of this is a gorgeous petroleum style tube featuring a range of gorgeous deep jewel tones, suspended in a clear faceted double wall tube that looks so pretty to look at. I know looks shouldn’t be everything, but this mascara ticks all the boxes for me.

Troublemaker Mascara Wand

The wand on this is rubber, which you’ve already guessed isn’t my favourite most of the time – whilst I have had a few standout mascaras over the years with rubber wands, if I was choosing one over the other, most of the time I’d opt for traditional bristles. This one is particularly interesting, although on the surface it looks quite average.

On closer inspection you notice that there rubber wands are pretty long and triangular and go from large and long to short, in graduated lines. sometimes the larger ones start at the tip at the wand, sometimes at the base so each lash easily gets latched onto with the various sizes.

Those really long bristles however do make it quite difficult on the bottom lashes, they’re almost too long and I often end up poking through to the skin underneath and having to do some cleanup, that might however be due to the fact that this mini isn’t that easy to control.

If you take a look at the image below you’ll notice how fat the handle is versus how short the neck of the wand is before the wand kicks in. It can be really difficult to angle this mini without the top of it getting in the way, especially when trying to work on the inner corner. On the full size this wouldn’t be a problem, but a word of warning if you’re thinking of getting the mini to try that it’s not the easiest to use. One one hand it’s nice that you get the full size packaging experience and it’s not a simplified version of the the same mascara, but on the other hand it’s not the best thought out.

This does live up to it’s claims of lifting and separating, it does add volume, but it’s not the most extreme volumising mascara I’ve tried – if anything that’s the area it delivers least for me, I’d describe it as average, not terrible not excellent, a second coat does add more, but it’s nothing jaw dropping. The feeling of this on the lashes is pretty light and almost fluttery feeling. One thing it does do and you can see from the side images below is give a huge curl, I haven’t used any curlers on this post but the lift this mascara gives is great!


Is it sex proof? Well not gonna lie, I have not checked, but this doesn’t strike me as a long standing mascara that will hold up against anything. It isn’t waterproof, it’s day wear proof, but it doesn’t last well into the night and nor is it stubborn to remove. I’ve seen lots of reviews of this where people have put those claims to the test and not once have I seen it come out with a big tick against that claim. I wore this to watch some comedians in the week and I had a few tears of laughter and it did transfer, if it’s not light tears of laughter proof, I very much doubt that it’s sex proof.

I have pretty normal lashes and eyes, they don’t water and unless a mascara is pretty poor all day wear with no smudging is achievable. I’m not 100% sure whether it would be the case with this, but I just have this feeling that this wouldn’t last so well with those who have trouble with smudging or long wear as the formula of it just feels so light.

I like this mascara and it’s definitely the nicest from Urban Decay that I’ve tried, however it’s not top of my list and knocking off other mascaras off the top of the list at the moment. Would I buy it again? Maybe, the packaging is just so pretty and I could see myself getting sucked in for a full size tube purely for the packaging in future.

Have you been a troublemaker with Troublemaker yet?


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Helpless Whilst Drying


19 thoughts on “The Troublemaker Mascara from Urban Decay

  1. I love the photos for this post Rach! The packaging is insane and they smashed it with that but shame it’s not as long lasting as they make claim to…! does look pretty on though! xx


  2. The packaging is nice but my first thought was how there’s no space between the mascara handle and wand! Eek. It looks nice enough but I’ve seen you use mascaras that work better for you. I’ve not tried any UD mascaras but I think I’ll leave it now xx


  3. I really liked how the formula felt – much less clumpy and sticky compared to my BTS by TooFaced, but as someone who did put it to the limits, it’s not exertion proof.


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