Face Mask Friday #44 – Masque Bar Aloe Vera Sheet Mask

I knew it wouldn’t be long until this mask was used up, I didn’t even get around to putting this away with my other masks before I had it slapped on my face. The Masque Bar Aloe Vera Sheet mask arrived with this month’s Look Incredible box, and I was curious to put it to the test straight away.

This IMO, is a little expensive for a sheet mask – anything that goes over the £5 mark for a single use face mask has to be beyond good for me to be impressed with it. This one comes in at £7.50, so of course as you can guess my expectations are already quite high. Masque Bar is a brand that I’ve definitely heard of and seen in passing, but I haven’t really seen any reviews of the products.

The mask is a thickish tissue sheet, which is completely soaked in a gel type serum. It’s really hard to tell from the image, because it’s clearly got a misprint on the package, but I’m 99% sure she hasn’t got he same weird eye flaps that I had on mine, which caused quite the stir on my instagram stories.

A trivial point I’m sure you’re thinking, but these were incredibly annoying, They were heavy and seemed to drag the mask down my face. Also the bright white light meant that light just bounced off them into my eye and made it really hard to do/see anything. This a mask that’s meant to be on for 20-30 minutes, which is a good chunk of time to feel inconvenienced by a face mask! One thing I will say on this point though is sometimes I feel like Look Incredible get the “B Grade” Stock, a misprint of a package, something that’s not quite pressed right etc – and I wonder if that’s the case with this that they forgot to cut them eye holes out fully! (What has my life come to that I’m typing that sentance out… seriously). You wouldn’t guess I’m actually smiling in these pictures…

Thankfully in terms of it’s performance is where things pick up, the mask had the perfect amount of serum on it which meant that it was enough to not dry out for it’s recommended time. The mask felt fresh and cooling on the skin, which had it not been for #eyeflapgate would have been quite a nice and relaxing experience. The mask started drying out around the 25 minute mark so I removed it and massaged the excess serum into the skin which was absorbed quickly. Skin was left soft and smooth and I liked the effect that it had on the skin, but for me I’m not sure that it performed any better than cheaper alternatives – results wise it reminded me of the Garnier Moisture Bomb mask which is usually on offer for 99p-£1.49.


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8 thoughts on “Face Mask Friday #44 – Masque Bar Aloe Vera Sheet Mask

  1. A lot of sheet masks have flaps (try Yes To – those even have cutouts for Minnie Mouse eyes). I usually fold the to the inner side so that they don’t disturb me when I wear the mask.


  2. The eye flaps! Hilarious!😂 Some face masks are such weird fits etc but this one looks funny. It is quite pricey per face mask. I love Farmacy ones even though they are £7-8 each x


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