Face Mask Friday #43 – Oozoo Bear Aurora Sheet Mask

Looking over my collection I didn’t really have any specific skin troubles (hurrah!), so I decided to go for a brightening one, normally one that’s the bottom of my list I’m trying to correct, with oiliness, moisturisation and spots always taking the top spot in terms of priorities. This one won in the mass of brightening masks which rarely get reached for as I decided I wanted to almost clear this mask from my collection after being very disappointed with this line’s other mask that I tried over a month back.

Just like the first the top right of the bears ear contains the serum which is burst by rolling the ear until it pops into the compartment where the sheet mask is. This time it required some extreme pressure to get this to pop, I guess this is a good thing otherwise you’d have people popping them in a store but it took me longer than it should have to get this to explode.

I picked this up in Malaysia alongside the Oozoo Bear Black Space Mask, which turned out to be more fun than I was expecting as when I opened the mask it was black, so I was kind of expecting a blue or purple mask with this one when I opened it too. Although I was left slightly disappointed and delighted that this one was white, as the black sheet mask was quite tissue heavy, almost felt and I found it soaked up the serum too fast and the mask became dried out quickly and impossible to wear. This one however was incredibly difficult to find the seams to unfold the mask.

The mask had a slight fresh scent but nothing heavy or off putting. Unlike the last the texture of this mask was a lot better at holding the serum and stopping it from drying out too quickly, the thing that let this mask down was the dimensions of the mask, maybe because it’s made for the Asian market, maybe my face has weird dimensions but the nose and eye areas just didn’t sit quite right and made it quite uncomfortable to wear. I managed to leave it on for twenty minutes and had excess serum to rub into the skin. When exposed I found the layer that was left to almost feel like it was infused with Alcohol, it dried out quickly when exposed to air and almost made my skin feel a bit sticky, yet dry at the same time.

I’m not sure that I would ever choose to buy a brightening mask again – I know that’s probably going to be a short lived response and I’ll be hauling a brightening mask within months however whilst I think some can work, overall I find them incredibly hit and miss. Whilst this one did work well and I felt it made my skin soft and smooth, and the skin looked more glowy, however with brightening masks I find them to have very short lived results. By the next morning my skin had returned to normal and I’d may as well have used a serum overnight instead of this.

Brightening Masks can be a nice pre makeup treat, however if you have time to relax for 20 minutes pre makeup, I salute you – you’re mastering life well. The one brightening mask I love is the Kiehl’s Cranberry and Turmeric mask, but whilst that’s brightening it has other side effects such as exfoliating and moisturising along side it which make it a good all rounder for a skin pick me up.

Overall, did it work? Yes, but would I buy it again? No. Despite it’s cute packaging which made me want to love these two Oozoo Bear Masks I found the Black Space one a total let down and this one’s effects to only last hours.


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