Becoming a Magnitone Ambassador

I’ve had a lot of exciting stuff happen blogwise over the past few weeks and life has been so busy I haven’t had chance to share everything yet! One of the exciting things however is now that I’m a brand ambassador for Magnitone and I couldn’t be happier.

 A few years ago I reviewed their old style sonic cleanser called the Lucid and up until earlier this year it was apart of my routine. It wasn’t until I no longer had it and my skin condition has started to decline that I’ve realised what difference that the gadget made to my skin, so I’m happy to be apart of their team of people who will be reviewing their products over the coming months.

This weekend a fabulous box arrived at my door which included their Barefaced Sonic Cleanser in Pink, some spare brush heads for oily, blemish prone skin (definitely me at the moment!), a double pack of thier Wipeout makeup remover cloths, a lovely wash bag perfect for taking the sonic cleanser and other skincare on it’s travels.

I’m going to be putting these to the test for a fortnight or so and will be back with a full review of these items in the next next couple of weeks, but in the meantime I just wanted to introduce the fact that Magnitone is a brand you’ll hopefully be seeing quite a lot of from me and I just wanted to introduce that!


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