Look Incredible August 2017 Unboxing

My Look Incredible Box arrived a little later than normal this month, although I’m quite thankful for the reasons why, they emailed before dispatch saying that the box this month was going to contain a tanning product and if you didn’t want a tanning product to let them know and they would swap the item for something else.

I previously said in a past Look Incredible Box where a St Tropez tan arrived (which happened to be another St Tropez product this month), that I don’t use self tanner and personally I’m not too pleased when boxes included it as it tends to be something you either do, or you don’t – so being offered a chance to change was nice. I do however think that they did this quite late in the month, they asked the question a day or two before the box normally arrives – and it was the 16th before I received my box when the payment was taken right at the start of the month.

BareMinerals Loose Blush in Beauty – RRP £19.99

I’m sure a lot of people will be happy to see this included however I’m just really lazy when it comes to blush and find cream and loose ones to be too much effort for me. I think the shade of this is ‘Beauty’ (however not 100% sure as that could just be a label), which is is a pretty dusky rose colour (and I’m pretty much an exclusive peach blush fan).

Elizabeth Arden Meditteranean Body Glow – RRP £??

This was the replacement for the tanning product, Whilst I really like the packaging – googling this (as the info on the card) the newest review I could find was 2010 and is no longer available so I am slightly worried about what the age of this product is, although yes it is fully sealed putting a 7 year old thing on my body makes me feel a bit weird. This might be one for the charity shop rather than the giveaway pile.

Studio 10 Age Reverse Perfecting Lip Liner – RRP £22

This is a dual ended liner with a rose toned shade on one end and a concealer style colour the other for crisping up edges where you might have gone a bit wonky! I normally like creamy texture pencils and these look as if they’re going to be quite stiff. I’ve had this brand before through the box, and to be honest, whilst I’ve liked the products, I haven’t loved them. The price tag feels way too high for the quality of the products, but I do like the look of this shade.

Studio 10 Wake Up & Glow Lip/Cheek Flush in Peach – RRP £22

*Eh* Two in one products are rarely my bag, colours that work for me on the cheeks rarely work on the lips and vice versa. The colour on the packaging looks really bright and peachy, but inside the tube the shade is a lot more muted and neutral – so it may be a shade that does cross over to both, but I can’t help but not feel excited by it.

NARS Monoi Body Glow Oil II – RRP £9.99

The item I was most excited to see this month was this. I’ve been intrigued about this product for a long time (mainly cause have you seen how pretty it is?!). And I like that it’s not a huge size meaning it’s a good one for taking on holiday etc. I love the scent of Monoi/Frangipani and used it a lot whilst we were in Bali where it seems to be uber popular, so it feels like a nice thing to now have to remind me of our time there.

This is the box I’ve been least excited by since starting my Look Incredible Subscription, given it’s £25 price tag the only product I’m happy to see is a £9.99 oil – the two cheek products are a bit samey for the same box IMO, as is the two Studio 10 Products (which also feel a bit repetitive to recent previous boxes too). I’ve done a review in the past of the Deluxe vs Regular box and normally feel like the Deluxe is generally not worth the extra cash and the products are often on par, but this month I definitely wish I’d had the deluxe one, with a Too Faced Palette, MAC Polishes (RIP) and Kiehl’s Eye Cream all included (I was tempted to pick it up, as I bloody love that eye cream and it’s more expensive than buying the box – but sadly it’s out of stock!).

The card for this months box is also incorrect, the information for the Studio 10 Wake Up & Glow Lip and cheek is the information from the Kevyn Auction shadow from last month – describing it as an eye pigment! It’s often that this card always features typos *which there are also typos*, but it’s not helpful when the card has product information which is completely wrong!

What do you think of this months edition?


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19 thoughts on “Look Incredible August 2017 Unboxing

  1. This box will be my first order so no idea about the tanning product or not as I’m yet to go pick my parcel up. It does look a bit disappointing though as I also did research on whether I should get the normal or the deluxe! x

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  2. I would be unhappy to receive this box. Not a body cream, body oil type of person in general. I only love Clarins tonic or Bio oil.

    I agree, that body cream sounds really suspicious. But then again, Elizabeth Arden doesn’t get much media love. It can be a forgotten product and not necessarily old?

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  3. Its nice that you were given the option to replace the tanning product, but then you get a product with zero info, thats a bit strange.. I don’t wear tan either and would’ve been freaked if I couldn’t find any info on the replacement product. great review! 🙂

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