Face Mask Friday #41 – Garnier Self Heating Sauna Mask

After being really impressed with the original Garnier sheet mask (I still haven’t gotten around to trying the others), I decided to investigate what else Garnier had on offer on their Face Mask front. I decided to pick up their Self Heating mask, as I’ve not had one of those in ages and put it to the test for you this week.

One of the good things about this mask is that it comes in two 6ml portions, brands like 7th Heaven (Montagne Juenesse), offer a similar quantity, but for me they’re usually too much product for one use. These are good as you can tear them in half and only use what you need. I did end up sharing my second sachet with Ben though, so it was no saving on this occasion! They come in at a good price too at £1.29 for 2 6ml masks, compared to 7th Heaven ones at 99p for 10ml.

I love self heating masks as they’re really good at drawing out what’s in your pores and tend to make a noticeable difference for at least a good few days afterwards, the trouble with this one is that I couldn’t feel the heat at all though. Ben said he could feel it slightly, but it was nothing for me.

The formula of this is light blue in colour and has kind of a sticky clay feel – which spreads quite easily. It has a really nice fresh scent (which Ben declared as liking), this says it works in three minutes, but in total I left it on for around 15. It doesn’t actually set into the face and has a constant sticky film feeling left over the face that wasn’t particularly pleasant.

Formulated with White Clay (great for oil control and purifying), Zinc (good for regulating oil glands as well as aiding healing), Eucalyptus (purifying) and Salicylic Acid (chemical exfoliant and purifying) this had all the makings to be something great, but sadly other than the fact my skin felt a little (and I mean little) smoother it was no different to look at afterwards. The stickiness of the mask also meant that it wasn’t fun to remove and I went through two flannels and a muslin cloth trying to get it off.

Overall I wasn’t really a fan of this mask, if it had set or dried down I would have liked it more, but there’s nothing more annoying than wearing a mask feeling like you can’t even turn your head without stray hairs ending up getting coated. Sadly the no heating feeling (which might have been nice feeling even if the mask wasn’t great), and the fact it didn’t do anything meant that overall this mask was a dud for me. Thankfully it was a one off mask and I don’t have a whole pot of it to get through.

Have you got any self heating masks you would recommend? I used to love these when I first started using Face Masks and it’s been a long time!


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24 thoughts on “Face Mask Friday #41 – Garnier Self Heating Sauna Mask

  1. I blame you for alot of my beauty purchases (lol, I see something and want to try it) but I actually picked this up from my local pound shop this week to try. I was really looking forward to trying it but maybe I’ll delve into my collection of face masks and try a different one soon. I have far too many. You have also inspired me to start a blog, I just have no idea where to start. Thank you x

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    1. Haha I know that feeling Girl, I currently have two boxes of face masks and I’m on a ban until I’ve finished at least one full size mask from buying any more! I have so many sheet masks and individual masks!
      Let me know if you need any help (email me – helplesswhilstdrying@gmail.com), it’s my day job so normally know the quick way to do something – wordpress.com is a really easy platform to get started on, it’s very easy to tweak and drag and drop what you want to do (and free!)
      This was okay, but maybe save it for when you’re not looking for a specific skin pick me up!


  2. Self heating masks freak me out, I don’t understand how they heat up? :)) lovely post though!
    Please checkout my blog! | suhkyuhluhnt.wordpress.com

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  3. Okay so I only knew garnier for their micellar water ahah but this is interesting! Great post, a lot if people are quite scared to explore the negatives of products but your review was amazing! It’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x

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  4. I love self-heating masks! I’ve only used the charcoal ones that Freeman makes. Not sure if you have that brand there. Though, unfortunately I can’t really try new skin care. I have to keep my routine very simple having rosacea. Just wash with a gentle cleanser, use my prescribed topical cream, and use a gentle moisturizer. So boring! Lol xx


  5. Aww no, too bad this one didn’t warm up, and sounds kinda messy to remove. I love self-heating masks, especially during the winter haha! It’s kinda nice when they come with too much product though – that way you can either share like you did, or save it for a separate session.


  6. I really don’t know why I don’t consider more face masks, they never really appeal to me / never really have time for them.

    You have made me want to re try face masks and try rekindle my love for them.. any recommendations on a face mask you love the most??



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