Glitter & Pigments – A Makeup Masterclass at Cabella Nottingham

Cabella in Nottingham is a place I’ve admired from my friends in Nottingham going to a few events their in the past and this week I was lucky enough to go along to a Makeup Masterclass at Cabella for myself. Nestled in a street just of Bridlesmith Gate, and is a hidden gem within the city centre – infact I didn’t even know this street was here until the event.

Cabella’s salon is simply lovely, they have quite a large roomy shop, decorated prettily in pinks and pastels, with the most bling till that I’ve seen! With comfortable stools to sit back, relax and have your makeup and hair done – whilst they also offer treatments such as gel nails and LVL lash treatments.

The masterclass saw bloggers watch the skilled hands of Dannica apply one makeup look on one half of the face, and Jordan applied a different look on the other side. What I find really interesting about Cabella is that they use the same technique on everyone, which they tone up or down, change the colours to suit and even apply the same foundation (L’Oreal True Match, which I’m now really eager to try!). Both sides of the makeup gave a completely different look, even though the techniques they used were virtually the same for each side.

If you’re a newbie to makeup, and have no idea where to start, and are local to Nottingham – I’d recommend taking a makeup lesson at Cabella – it’s reassuring that their technique can create lots of different looks that are easy to recreate in under 20 minutes.

Cabella as well as doing makeup masterclasses, private lessons and applying makeup, also stock some products in store. They have a large selection of different brushes, available separately or in kits, sell their own palettes (which I was incredibly tempted by, but currently have a bit of a palette situation on my hands!), pigments as well as being a stockist for some Milani Products and Glitter Eyes.

I think when you think about Makeup Artists, you think of high end products, but they use a selection of products that work, from LA Girl concealers, MAC and Milani Primers to Collection Mascaras. It was refreshing to not see a table full of MAC products (which was basically my Makeup Artist at my wedding, not that I’m slating it – my makeup was perfect!), but they’ve clearly invested time into finding good products all at different price points.

Sophie deciding whether to buy a brush set or just one (she bought the set)

We saw all their pigments brush swatched on the models arm, and they looked incredible – after the masterclass had finished and we mingled around the shop, I looked at them up close in person and I did order some of their pigments, which should arrive some time over the weekend or early next week (they were out of stock of the colours I wanted!). We were also given a little goody bag which featured a sample of one of the pigments (I got a gorgeous gold called Vegas which I definitely would have bought had it have not been in it), perfume, BareMinerals and Kiehl’s samples.

The Aftermath

I think Cabella will now become a place that I frequently stop into whilst in Nottingham, they stock brands different to what’s available on the high-street, and it’s nice finding a good place to shop and support independently. Thank you to Cabella for inviting me along – I can’t wait to get playing with my pigments and putting the techniques learnt into practice!


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17 thoughts on “Glitter & Pigments – A Makeup Masterclass at Cabella Nottingham

  1. That sounds so fun!!! I wonder if I have places locally that do makeup lessons! I will have to look into that now. I’m in Canada 😘 so not local to you haha


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