6 Favourite Podcasts

It’s only really been since last January that I started listening to Podcasts, I discovered people in my favourite TV show had one, and since then my love for them has built and built up. I have 6 podcasts that I fail to listen to week in, week out and I thought I’d go over those six favourites today.

Anna Faris is Unqualified

Definitely my favourite, if all six were lined up this is the one I would listen to first. Mainly because it’s usually the longest – the longer the podcast, the better in my eyes! Anna Faris is an actress I’ve always liked and I saw this listed as nominated as one of the best podcasts to listen to last year and before I knew it I’d listened to all the episodes that I’d missed in a matter of weeks at work.

Anna, and her friend and podcast producer Sim, are joined each week by a celebrity, most often actors and actress. Some of which I’ve heard of, some of which I haven’t, and frequently joined by Anna’s husband Chris Pratt *oops awkward wrote this a week ago* – but either way it doesn’t spoil my enjoyment of the show. The first half the of the show is usually an interview, improv and game based session with the guest of the week, whilst the second half sees them give unqualified advice to people who call in to the show. It’s funny and often has me smiling at my desk at work, to the point where people are like ‘what are you grinning about’, but can also take some heart filled turns in the advice section with callers at the end.

Lower Your Expectations

By Youtuber Marcus Butler – who I don’t really watch videos from (in fact I don’t really watch youtube very much at all any more!), but it popped up as recommended on my Podcast home screen so I gave it a try. The episodes are shorter, around 25-35 minutes and tend to just be conversations between Marcus and friend/co-worker Matt Viney. It’s just a good little chatter podcast often around Youtube, and they’ve started having some guests on which have been quite interesting too.


Hosted by Cat from My Lip Addiction, and Stashy from Stash Matters – I love this podcast as it features lots of Micro Infuencers, a lot of which I follow and love already. This podcast is evolving with every episode and is a chat about blogs and youtubes as well as just a general chinwag with lots of fabulous women. Cheeky plug that I was actually lucky enough to be on this on episode 11, and Cat’s invited me back on again to talk about the wedding (sorry Cat, will message you back about when I’m free!). This is really good if you want to listen to bloggers, but maybe not names you know as a way to discover new blogs, and get to know people behind smaller blogs. I find these really interesting!

Full Coverage

Another one for beauty addicts, Full Coverage is a makeup and beauty news podcast from Makeup Artist Harriet Hatfield and Author/beauty lover Lindsay Kelk. These are usually 30-40 minutes long, they talk about mostly new releases and their thoughts on them if they’ve tried them. Whilst Lindsay and Harriet are both British they both live now in the US, this might be dangerous for your wallet if you’re close to a Sephora where a lot of what they talk about seems to be stocked!

Jenna and Julien

From Jenna Marbles and her partner Julien Solamina, one of the things I like about this podcast is that it doesn’t really have a format. One week it can be a game and something totally silly and different and the next week it can be a chat about UFC fighting and something entirely different. What’s clear though is they’re both very head smart intelligent people, I always enjoy this one. I still have a lot to catch up on with this one, I’ve listened back to January this year and have a lot more to go!

What Say You?

The podcast that made me get into Podcasts, and one for Impractical Jokers super fans – I say super fans as it’s more about the people behind the show rather than talk about the Impractical Jokers show. This is by Q and Sal and is just a general chitter chatter comedy podcast. I started listening to this when I started my new job last year and I did not realise I was laughing at my desk at this (so warning!), this is incredibly funny and you may even like it if you’re not an IJ watcher or fan. They haven’t released a new episode since September last year, and when I met them in January this year they said they knew they were behind in doing them and we’re still waiting for another one almost a year later. I’ve started re-listening to them as I’m so up-to date with everything and I can’t find another one which is making me want to binge it!

The episode “I have Your Pants” is quite possibly my favourite piece of comedy ever. I was crying with laughter at work listening to it (2 weeks into a new role) and I had to switch it off I couldn’t concentrate/was becoming a distraction for everyone else.

I’m almost up to date with most of my Podcasts, and always looking for great recommendations, so please leave some in the comments. I’m currently listening to My Favourite Murder, which is as it sounds, people talking about murders, and just finished At Home With… I hope you enjoyed this, something a bit different for me!


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47 thoughts on “6 Favourite Podcasts

  1. I’ve really got into podcasts recently, especially with me doing a lot of driving recently! I’m definitely going to download a few that you’ve recommended! ❤️


  2. I’ve never even looked at podcasts, what are they? How do you listen to yours? Definitely could do with something to make me laugh x


  3. I really should start listening to podcasts more! definitely want to listen to the one you’re in!! xox


  4. I really want to get into watching PodCasts but struggle finding ones that are worth dedicating the time too. The beauty related ones on your list sound great. I also have heard good things about some Crime related ones which I need to get into!! xx


  5. I love listening to Fat Mascara, it’s a beauty podcast SO GOOD you will love it! Thanks for sharing your favourites, I’ve subbed to all above looking forward to listening 🙂


  6. What fabulous timing to mention about “Anna Faris is Unqualified”. 😆 I guess I can’t say I’m shocked their marriage is ending – it must be tough with the switch in their star power in recent years. I wonder if she will continue that podcast now.
    Yeah, Mylipaddiction podcast made your list! Thank you! ❤
    We like to listen to nerdy podcasts and the top of our list is "Stuff you should know". We always end up learning interesting tidbits about science, history or even pop culture. We're trying to give other podcasts a chance so I'll suggest these to the Mr. Last weekend we tried listening to "Reply All" but neither of us were feeling it.


    1. They way she talks about him on the show even if he doesn’t appear was with so much love and admiration! She’s even got a book coming out I the autumn and the foreword is by him, awkward! Makes me think the split has come from his side not hers. I think she will continue with it, he popped up once in every 10 episodes or something, it seems like a passion project and she’s just started doing ads so I think it will continue. Unsurprisingly there doesn’t seem to be an episode this week though!
      Yeah I try giving a podcast 2/3 episodes before judging it but there’s lots I’ve tried recently I just knew after a couple of listens weren’t for me!


  7. I have just started getting into podcasts and I m loving Rachel Brathen’s (aka Yoga Girl) From the Heart podcasts ☺️ I ve noted down the ones from your list to listen to!x


  8. This was so helpful! 1) I’ve been looking for new podcasts and all of these sound fab! 2) I was going to do a blog about podcasts so this has definitely inspired me more ☺️👌🏻 thanks!


  9. Seriously love this post! I’ve only heard of Anna’s podcast. I definitely want to listen to “My Lip Addiction”. I also never knew Jenna Marbles had one. What application do you use to listen to them? I use Spotify, but can’t seem to find a few of those podcasts. Do you use Itunes?

    P.S. if you like “My Favorite Murder” you need to start listening to “Small Town Murder.” It’s my go-to podcast.

    xo Logan


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