Barry M Fashion Icon – Review & Swatch

It has been a long while since I bought a Barry M Polish, I know they’re still favoured by many as their favourite brand of polish, and once upon a time that would have been the case for me as well too – but as my love for nail polish became an obsession, I really stopped buying high street brands of polish. When I was out shopping with me pals Molly and Sophie a few months ago I picked this up and it featured in my ‘Bloggers Made Me Buy It Haul‘ neither of them were specific reasons for this particular shade, other than they were there and didn’t stop me.

It’s quite obvious I think why this particular shade ended up catching my eye, when I think of Barry M Polishes I normally think of cream colours and there’s few glitters here and there. This particular shade, Fashion Icon – reminds me of something a bit more premium as it’s not very often you come across these kind of shades on the high street, especially at cheap Barry M prices.

This is a gorgeous violet base, which has this kind of duo chrome effect thanks to the slightly more blueish violet microglitter that’s scattered throughout the base of a polish, and is quite a similar shade to the Guerlain one I reviewed a few months back. From a distance it looks more like it’s a shimmer, but looking up close you can tell that it is intact glitter. Add to that the polish has a fine scatter of fine holo glitter which just makes this look so, so pretty.

The finish of this is kind of similar to how the lid on the bottle looks, it has a texture to it – which I normally hate, but this one isn’t actually too bad, it’s very slight. The bottle does need a really good shake prior to applying, I’ve worn this a few times over the past few months and when I pulled it back out this week after at least two months since my last wear, I started applying and it had all separated. The finish of this is semi-matte and needs a good topcoat to bring it’s shine and brightness back.

A first coat of this suggests that this is going to be awful to apply and need many many coats as it looks extremely patchy, but actually on a second coat it manages to fix itself and is just a two coater. It applies a lot more smoothly with a base coat underneath, but I’m not sure whether I’m having bad luck with my base coats or it’s just this polish, but it doesn’t last well with a base coat at all, I find it chips quite quickly (under two days), where as I can get a good three or four days out of it with none, which for a foily glitter isn’t actually that bad.


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20 thoughts on “Barry M Fashion Icon – Review & Swatch

  1. That colour though! It’s reminds me of stargazing, late summer berry-picking, and sci-fi wrapped into one. I love duo-chrome polishes. I wish I owned more.
    I also love the texture on the lid!

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  2. Hello Rachel! I just started a new blog and I remembered to stop by as you were one of my top bloggers that I was following with my old one. It would be great to connect again. Please find my blog here:


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