Face Mask Friday #39 – Primark Moisturising & Nourishing Chocolate Mask

Sunday after a day of washing clothes and heavy tidying trying to stop my house looking like bomb site after the chaos of wedding and holiday are still brewing, my skin was feeling pretty tired after pretty warm and dry weather, I raided my face mask box for a skin pick me up, and settled on trying another of the Primark range.

I think many of us were quite shocked last week at how well the 80p face mask from the super fast fashion brand performed, and there were lots curious about the range as a result, so I thought I’d try out another and see if the second lived up to my positive experience of the first. Whilst away we had a chocolate body scrub at a spa (along side 7 other treatments), and I thought the smell of this chocolate face mask might whisk me back to the sickly sugary scrub that was smothered over my body.

It actually wasn’t as good as what I was expecting smell wise, it did smell of chocolate, but it was a lot more faint than what I was expecting. Just like the first there was too much product in these, and like the first it wasn’t easy to squeeze out with a slightly moussey texture, I kind of wish that they came in little pods like the Sephora Sleeping Masks, it would be easier to get multi uses out of the mask as you could easily halve it, and easily scoop out what you need.

The texture of this is pretty odd, like I said, initially it feels quite like a mousse but as you rub it down it becomes a lot thinner and whilst it didn’t, it started to feel like it might drip off my face. The picture on the front of the packaging shows a rich chocolatey blend, but that was quite misleading to the colour of the product on the inside. This after 15 minutes this dries down do a grey taupe and almost looks like a clay mask.

I had high hopes for this as the ingredients list is quite impressive for a mask that just cost 80p, Lactic Acid and Shea Butter are two key ingredients which are things that my skin usually loves but after rinsing my skin felt irritated and uncomfortably tight. I always like to give a mask an chance to change my opinion overnight as quite often intially I can feel unwowed by a formula, and by the morning my skin is looking happy and glowing but sadly it wasn’t the case with this one, I felt no better about my skin, so I’m glad this was only a mere 80p!

I did go into Primark at the weekend as it was a good few months since I bought this batch of masks originally – and things in Primark move so fast, all four of the masks I bought were still in stock and looked as if they were nestled within all the permanent beauty pieces – so may be staying around for a while at least! This one wasn’t for me, but still recommend the Charcoal Sugar Scrub one I reviewed last week – I’ll be going back to stock up on several of them once my no buy is over.

What are your favourite budget masks?


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9 thoughts on “Face Mask Friday #39 – Primark Moisturising & Nourishing Chocolate Mask

  1. The one you used and reviewed last time sounds a LOT better and with a scrub, I feel like it’s actually doing something, whereas with masks, sometimes I’m a bit skeptical to if it’s even doing anything to my skin. xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves


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