An OPI Gel Nail Polish Manicure // Guest Post by BrokeMyNail

Another guest post today from fellow nail addict Nathalie who blogs over at Broke My Nail, I was really excited to read over her review of the OPI gel polishes as I’ve only had them used by professionals on me, not at home as I’ve always been put off by the price of OPI gel polishes, but safe to say she now has me tempted to finally invest in some! I’ve had OPI gel on my toes from February > end of May, and it’s was still as shiny and looking as good as new (other than the regrowth!)

Good grooming is a big part of looking great for any occasion. So, some we spend quite a bit of time each week taking care of our hair, hands, nails and our feet. Because these parts of the body are usually noticed right away, these are the details that can make a break a good professional look. So, for those of you who are looking for a nail polish that can stand the test of time and the test of being scrutinized by others, you may want to see what other consumers are saying about OPI Nail Polish. Even though OPI Nail Polish is not new to the industry, most consumers really want to know how this nail polish compares to other similar brands.

This nail polish comes in a wide range of colors including a bright orange crème, mandarin, grape fit, A Rose Dawn, Act Your Beige, and a wide range of other colors that range from Russian Navy to Put it in neutral. In fact, consumers have 126 colors to choose from, and they are great for any occasion. For example, the warm neon tangerine shade is perfect for the spring events and other events that people enjoy.

I like this polish because of the vast amount of choices that I can make in their selections. Since it has 126 colors in its collection, you can choose a number of different neutral colors like mauve since they are normally great for any skin tone. Or, you may decide to spice up a bit by wearing a Just Laini-ing Around (medium pink tone) from their Hawaiian collection. Either way, you can even mix and match if you choose to wear than one color at the same time.

Why do I like OPI Nail Polish?

Goes on smooth and easily so people who may not know how to polish their nails perfectly every time this is a great plus. Adding a double coat on top of the nail is also great for making the color of the nails pop.
Great colors for all seasons, specifically for women who like to make sure that they nails are season friendly by using spring and summer tones.
Professional finish that makes the nails look like they have been done by the salon so women who wear usually get a lot of compliments on the colors as well as the polished appearance.
Great for summer pedicures so people who like to do their nails and their feet, they can do a good job with both.
Superior quality nail polish compared to other brands so it is a very common and preferred choice in the industry. I wrote about best gel nail polish brands not too long ago.
NO DBP, toluene or formaldehyde contained in the mixture that makes up the formula for this polish.

It’s never perfect.

Some women complain about the polish chipping after one day so they do not all last long. It also appears to be color specific so some colors are lasting, while others are not. Mine don’t chip as quickly, only after about a week. This is because I layer a base coat, color coat, and a strong top coat.
Some consumers say this brand has declined in quality since the colors do not last as long as it used to in the past. After only 1 day, the polish begins to come off.
Unlike other newer brand name polishes, a base coat and a top coat is needed to get the total professional look. A base coat is needed for ease of application and the top coat is required for the bright shine.
After applying the polish, I can sometimes see the imprints of the bristles from the brush. Even after several applications, the problem persisted so it did not leave a professional look on the nails.

My verdict overall, this nail polish is a very good buy. It has quite a few benefits that I love. First of all, the are 126 colors available in this line that everyone can pick and choose from. So, there is rarely an occasion that a color is not in the line that you may be seeking for. Also, the color line ranges from neutral tones to very dark tones that compliments all skin tones. Because the polish goes on easy, anyone can polish their nails and achieve the looks of a professional salon. It is also a superior quality brand that has been around for a long time so the product is from a reliable manufacturer who knows that women like a color that not only looks great but will last a long time.

Thank you Nathalie for sharing your review and colourful summery manicure, if you’re not following Nathalie already please head over to her blog here, you can also find her on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.


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7 thoughts on “An OPI Gel Nail Polish Manicure // Guest Post by BrokeMyNail

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  2. I agree, having polished nails really looks more put together. I used to not love OPI polishes because I found the formula kind of thick and goopy, but I’ve since liked them more. I always use base and top coats too and I think they’re essential for a manicure to last more than a few days. It almost doesn’t matter what polish you use if you have a good base and top coat!

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  3. I like that they have a wide range of colors that we can choose from but the quality is disappointing. I like nail polish to last at least 5 days because I have unhealthy nails and i don’t want to change nail polish that often. Great honest review. I still like the colors they offer.


  4. Thanks for the review…I love a good nail polish! Currently I’ve gotten my toes gel polished after a pedi at the salon (about a month now) and it’s still in top condition. I’m happy my toes are always ‘ready-to-go’ at the spur of the moment, so It’s safe to say that I love gel polishes now and the thought of being able to do this at home for times that I can’t make it to the salon, is really catchy. I’m eager to try.


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