Face Mask Friday #37 – Tony Moly I’m Real Broccoli Vitality Mask

Back to the old Tony Moly masks today, I used this quite a few weeks ago as you’re reading this and I’m sat on my bed currently as I write, a week pre-wedding with this on my face. I plucked this one totally at random from my box tonight as I’m sat scheduling my last few posts for the month ahead.

The fortnight before my wedding saw a UK heatwave come on, and I’m not sure whether it has been moving from my air conditioned office, in to the heat at lunch time, back to air conditioning, but the texture of my skin this week has definitely changed. It’s been suffering from getting quite oily in the heat, and as much as possible I’ve been avoiding wearing foundation day to day, and just using a smidge of concealer here and there where needed. But overall my skin has been starting to look like it’s quite bumpy, and my chin looks like it’s been close to breaking out.

To be honest I didn’t know which mask to pick from my box to try and tackle the bumpiness and eradicate the signs of breakout, hence the random pluck. This one has had me intrigued, because I’ve not really heard of broccoli in skincare, and the word ‘Vitality’ used as it’s defining descriptor all in all sounded a bit general.

I was wondering just how this was going to smell, I was hoping not like generic steamed veg, and luckily it was pretty neutral. smelling. Just like all Tony Moly masks it was a good level of wetness and is stuck to the face well. After around 30 minutes I removed and massaged in the excess serum, which dried off quickly, I was surprised that after about ten minutes post removal that my skin felt quite tight and a little uncomfortably dry.

I was all set to give this a negative review, but inspecting my skin the next morning actually all the bumps which had me nervously looking in the mirror all throughout the day prior had settled down massively. I’m not sure that this would have been something that was entirely unique to this mask since I didn’t try any other masks in the heatwave week, including the Body Shop Sleeping mask as it was just so hot at night. But it offered me enough of a boost for me not to entirely write this off, that being said it’s not a favourite from the I’m Real line, and I’m not sure that I would repurchase.

Have you tried any broccoli based skincare?


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9 thoughts on “Face Mask Friday #37 – Tony Moly I’m Real Broccoli Vitality Mask

  1. I have one of these in my stash, I haven’t tried it yet but the broccoli thing did intrigue me. I hope it doesn’t dry my skin too much but it’s good to hear it might have had positive effects afterwards so I’ll see how it works for me. Broccoli does seem an odd thing for skin care but considering how good it’s meant to be to eat I guess it isn’t too much of a surprise companies are trying it for skin. Just hopefully nine of them smell of broccoli itself!


  2. I have one of these to try!

    Funny story: my tot got into my skincare stash without my knowledge (it’s under a desk in the corner of the room). I got him away from there, and then he told me he was playing with broccoli.

    I spent like 10 min hunting for broccoli on the floor until I realized he was talking about the veg and fruit pics on the TonyMoly masks. Luckily he didn’t open any!


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