May Favourites // Guest Post by Sara Santos

 Welcome to the first in a series of guest posts that will be happening over the next few weeks, to alleviate the stress for me in trying to get posts up whilst I’m away getting married/on my honeymoon etc. Over the next few weeks there’s some lovely friends stepping in to cover me, as well as a few posts from me here and there as well. So to kick things off, here is the first guest post, by the lovely Sara!

Hi beautiful people, I’m Sara from!

Rachael was brave enough to let me be a guest on her awesome blog while she went off on her honeymoon. Let me be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS to you and your new hubby! Although I am honored and so excited to be doing this I am a bit jealous that she’s off on holiday and I’m here.

Today I will be sharing my May beauty and fashion favorites. I made my way over to Sephora and browsed the aisle of doom – all the pretty sample sized products. I found some things I have been wanting to try for some time and fell in love. If you’re curious, keep on reading!

I am a lover of IT Cosmetics. I generally like powder foundations and my favorite one is the Celebration Illumination from IT. I noticed that Sephora had the sample size for the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream and decided to give it a try. I have combination skin but it’s generally more oily then dry and that’s why I like powder foundations. I don’t want to deal with oily skin throughout my work day nor do I want to apply a setting powder mid-day. Therefore, I generally stay away from liquid products unless it’s a special occasion. I was curious about this one though and I am glad I tried it because I think I may have converted. It is a full coverage CC cream but it doesn’t look cakey, it looks natural. What I love about IT cosmetics in general is that their products aren’t just there to make sure we look pretty, their products include ingredients infused in their formula that benefit our skin. This one has brightening color correcting, hydrating anti-aging serum, a pore less finish primer, dark spot concealer and a moisturizing day dream. Talk about all in one! I will definitely be purchasing the full size of this one.

I am a Sephora points hoarder. I rack them up and never use them hoping one day I can get an awesome product for my points. When I purchased the CC cream I browsed the mini products they were offering and decided I wanted to finally try the Becca in Opal. I know what you’re thinking “you have never tried it?!” no, I haven’t.  I have the Becca highlighter in Pearl because for a while I thought that shade of highlight was best for my skin tone. As I try new highlights, like Opal, I realize that a golden highlight also works. What I like about this one is that it is a mix of the pearl and gold. I really like this highlighter and now realize why everyone talks about it. I receive compliments on my highlight now which has never happened before! I love the smooth texture of Beccas formula. I plan on purchasing the full size of this one also.

If you haven’t visited my blog yet, you don’t know that I am a nail polish lover. Nail polish is my forte – all the other beauty stuff I am still navigating. I am constantly looking for a great top coat that will enhance the color of my nail polish and help it last longer. I won’t say that I found “the one” but I will say that I am close. The Seche Vive Instant Gel Effect Top Coat is pretty awesome. In the past I used the Seche Vite Dry Fast Coat and enjoyed it as well. They have a great formula in general. This one is the gel formula and it’s the best gel formula top coat I’ve tried thus far. It really does make your nail polish look like you just paid $25 for a gel manicure without the damaging side effects that gel nail polishes generally have on your nails.

Last but definitely not least, are these faux suede Espadrilles from Forever 21. Talk about comfort! I have been wearing these nonstop because they look good with everything and they are super comfy. Did I mention that I only paid $20.00 for these? YES GIRL, you need to get you some! They have two other colors I believe – a pink and a yellow. I may be purchasing the pink ones because, why not? Espadrilles are part of this summer’s fashion trend, and typically when trends come, they go, so I like buying the trendier items from stores like Forever 21 since they aren’t expensive. I won’t feel so bad when I can’t wear them anymore.

Well new friends, my stay here has come to an end … I hope you enjoyed reading this! Visit me at my blog where I’ll be talking about my favorite moments from May. Remember to say hello!

Massive thank you for Sara for kicking off the guest posts during my little blogging hiatus, it’s just few more days to go until we get married and jetset off. I’ve loved reading Sara’s favourites, especially as she’s got listed the It Cosmetics CC cream which I’ve just got a deluxe sample of! If you’re not following Sara already, head over to her blog here.


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8 thoughts on “May Favourites // Guest Post by Sara Santos

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  2. Nice to “meet” you Sara! 🙂
    I’ve not tried anything from IT Cosmetics and people keep recommending the CC cream. I need to use up more of my current foudnation stash to justify the purchase!
    I’ve not heard of the Seche Vive Instant Gel Effect Top Coat – I’ve only used their regular one. Is this fast drying too?
    I’m a nail polish lover too – yay, nail polish addicts unite! 😀


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