Face Mask Friday #36 – The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask

A few weeks ago I was on the hunt in my local Body Shop (which happens to be an outlet store), for their latest mask collection, sadly they still haven’t found their way to the outlet, and I fear I’ll have to end up paying full price for them, as my patience in wanting to try them is running low.
I did whilst there, manage to snag myself a little bargain in the form of this mask however.

My outlet has prices that are already discounted, e.g Shower Gels for £3, Nail polishes for £2, and on top of that they discount prices for the more items you buy. 2 items and extra 20%, 3 items 30%, 4+ 40%, so it quite often ends up meaning the more you buy the better off you become. In full price stores and online this should have been £25, but it’s slightly older packaging from mid-last year meant that it was already discounted from £25 – £10, then had an extra 40% off on top. An offer no face mask addict can refuse right? Since then it’s taken pride of place on my dressing table being used 2-3 times a week over the past almost month (shit where did that month go!?).

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this packaging, it’s undeniably high quality and reminds me of the kind of packaging that’s reminiscent of high end brands like Sunday Riley, with it’s heavy glass packaging. But the negatives are that it’s so large and flat, it takes to up too much room on my bedside table, if it was taller instead of wider I could cope with it, but I’m constantly moving it about to shuffle other things around. The heavy glass packaging also comes at another cost, it’s one hefty chunk. I would have considered taking this on honeymoon (spoiler alert, I like it a lot), but the size and weight of this thing is just stupid. I had a little look to see whether they made any packaging adjustments to this when they rebranded the line, but sadly it’s still one awkward hockey puck.

My skin has been very tired over the past six weeks or so, I’ve managed to combat the breakouts that I was constantly suffering with January-April, and haven’t had anything new. But just looking at my skin, it looks dehydrated and dull. 6 weeks before a wedding (now 1 week tomorrow!), time has been a luxury, and I’ve not had a lot of it to spend relaxing on the sofa with a face mask, so a sleeping mask has been a perfect option for me. I had considered picking up Kiehl’s sleeping mask the week before I got this, so I’m glad I waited it out for a cheaper option.

The Body Shop describe this as a refreshing overnight face mask to address the first signs of ageing – for skin that feels soft and smoother when you wake up. The texture of this is so odd, they describe it as a memory-shape gel cream that moulds itself and feels like a second skin. The mask comes with a spoon which looks like it wouldn’t give you enough product in one go, but don’t let appearances deceive you, it’s plenty – I once went for two scoops and had to start putting the excess all over my arms. Applying to the face the skin feels a little wet, I have to put it on about ten minutes before I want to put my head to the pillow as it needs a chance to sink in.

In the morning I awake with soft skin that feels resurfaced and rehydrated. Ben came back from his stag do over the weekend, his face looked tired so we slavered a layer of this on and in the morning he looked more human. I really like this overall, the skin looks glowing and feels fabulous. I was a little dubious of the price of this, £25 for a Body Shop face mask seems really pricey, but it will definitely give me close to 100 uses if not more I think – currently it still looks brand new as it self levels and has been used in excess of 15 times between myself and Ben thus far.

Have you tried a sleeping mask before?


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23 thoughts on “Face Mask Friday #36 – The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask

  1. I have it and it’s great!! The packaging is too heavy for me though and takes too much space but I love how my skin feels in the morning. It feels a little sticky even 10 minutes after you apply it and needs more time to be absorbed but it makes my skin softer and smoother. x


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  2. This sounds great! I think maybe I’ve not picked it up in the past due to price. Could you decant some into a plastic pot to take on honeymoon? I’ve started doing that when I travel to save on weight/room xx


  3. I got this mask months ago and it’s sitting in my closet, unused!
    The texture of this is so fun! I couldn’t stop playing with the tester at the store, ha.
    Do you apply this in place of night time moisturizer, or on top of?


  4. I have tried other sleeping mask but like none of them. I have combination skin so they always make my skin sticky and even I wait an hour before sleep, it is still stick. XD
    I just use them as regular mask and use tissue or cotton ball to clean it after an hour. I don’t buy sleeping mask anymore. I save the money to buy better serum and eye cream. 🙂
    I am glad you like it. I like the serum from same line. It is wonderful.


  5. I’ve never tried a sleeping mask and I have never heard of this one but you’ve got me super interested! There is a Body Shop outlet near me so maybe I will go have a peek and see if I can get my hands on it! xxx


  6. Sleeping masks are so wonderful. I remember when this one came out and I think was $30 US in the store. The entire collection was really nice. I should use more sleeping masks.


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