Love Me Beauty – May 2017

I wasn’t really expecting to be doing another Love Me Beauty unboxing this month, but after a few people used my referral code to give themselves extra credit when signing up, meant that I was able to do a ‘big shop’ on there this month.

For those who are unaware, Love Me Beauty is a credit based you receive 60 per month and you pick the products – items are anywhere between 5 & 30, with most either 10 or 20. Often items run over from one month to the next, so if you didn’t manage to catch something one month, or absolutely love something you might be able to still get your hands on it the next month. Sadly there were some items that I’d checked on the day before I ordered from Kat Von D I wanted to get this time around, but they had disappeared the day after when the new lines had been added for the month.

I was less keen on the design of this months bag, it looks like it’s been designed on an amateur level, the typography nerd inside me is cringing at the kerning and lack of consistency, but I’m most offended by the lack of commas in the sentence. I’m going to save this for when I next do a giveaway as a way to safely package and give it a bit more padding.

First Item I chose was the Ultrasun Sports Gel SPF20 (30 Credits), I did a little reading on this before ordering, and after doing a quick ‘stocktake’ of what SPFs we had in the house for our honeymoon, it revealed we had nothing that was a little lighter. This sounded good for being particularly active, which we will be, and is a once a day application. This size is on Superdrug for £14.99 – and is a handy size for carrying around as it’s not too bulky.

Next is an item I always pick up when I see it, the Nuxe Prodigeieux Shower Oil (10 Credits), this is a gorgeous and luxurious shower oil that smells divine and reminds me of luxe fragrances from the likes of Chanel & Tom Ford. Except for that’s not what arrived, they either ran out of stock or sent me the wrong thing. Unfortuately I have about 6 bottles of what arrived… and I hate it – it’s the Nuxe Prodigeux Golden Shimmering Body Oil.

You may recognise this next item from last months box, the EcoTools Eye Duo (20 credits) has been something that I’ve constantly reached for over the past month. I picked them up thinking they’d be a good space saving thing for honeymoon, as you get 2 brushes that are double ended. The brush in particular which has as a blending end and a short oval end is one of my favourite brushes and it was a no brainer for me to get a second once I spotted they were still available.

As a result of the success of the Eye duo, I picked up the huge Full Powder Brush from EcoTools as well (20 credits). I don’t have many brushes this size, and whilst I don’t actually use brushes this big that often – it’s always handy to have backups in case one ends up dirty accidentally! This is so soft and is described as being made up of 70,000 hairs.

Last two items were from a brand called Manna, who I’ve never heard of, but turns out they’re quite popular on Instagram! I picked up their Runway Ready Primer (20 Credits) – a sample size, they rave and even compare on their website against other popular primers and make this sound like the best thing ever. Full size this is $42, so high expectations as to how this will work. It’s described as Mattifying, Pore & Line Filling, Moisturising, 16 Hour Wear & Lightweight, that’s a lot of bold claims for one primer.

The second Manna item was their LipLock Stain in Rosette (20 credits) which they describe as a Poppy Pink. These look like a cross between a gloss and a liquid lipstick. I’ve been planning for ages on doing a liquid lipstick comparison post (I’m going to need about 4 days to prepare that post with how many different brands and formulas I now have!), so it’ll be another one for the pile! Like I said in my last post, sizes on Love Me Beauty can be incredibly deceiving, this did not state in the description or item title that this was a miniature, and the picture was of a full size item. I contacted them and apparently this was a miscommunication error with the suppliers, and they gave me some extra credits for my next box.

If you’d like to see my past LMB reviews you can click here, If you’d like to subscribe you can use the code RACHA549 which will give you 30 extra credits after you’ve made your first order to use as you like with future orders, if you wish to let these extra credits roll over then you can do. They currently have items from Ecotools, Nuxe, Manna & UltraSun (amongst others) available to grab – their’s also Charlotte Tilbury, MUFE & the Kat Von D Items that I wanted back in the edit to get this month.


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37 thoughts on “Love Me Beauty – May 2017

      1. Okay, I’ve confirmed with them as their website is wrong – it says in one spot you get the credits with your first order and somewhere else it’s with your second order! Grr, I checked on twitter and it’s 30 extra credits with your second order.
        You add products to your order, and enter the referral at checkout which will make them appear for your next order! Hope that helps, sorry for the confusion would help if they worded their website better!
        Rachael xxx

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  1. The lack of commas on that bag is highly irritating as it had so much potential I love that phrase! so annoying you got sent the wrong thing AND a mini in one order!! they look good though you got a hellova lot! can’t wait to see how you get on with the primer it sounds amazing xxx

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    1. I only resumed for the first time in almost a year last month to restock up on the MUFE powder which I had from there and running low on.
      i think it’s a subscription where the cycle goes round a lot so if you’re a long time subscriber you can see the same things over and over which is the only reason I unsubscribed because i felt like I was having to pick from things I’d already picked from! Seems like they’ve had a few fresh new brands in recently though so worth another gander!


  2. Yay for free stuff! 😀

    LOL at that font. Good lord.

    Oh I love Nuxe stuff! Always smells divine, too.

    Manna Kadar’s stuff has been showing up in the subscription boxes – I got one of the blushes recently. It was pretty but the formula was meh…hope your stuff is good! Their website is SO. PEENK.

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    1. I love Nuxe stuff, just not those oils – no matter how hard I try I’ll never be a body oil girl I don’t think! I wonder whether I can use them in a reed diffuser instead haha!
      I’m wearing the primer for the first time today planning on taking it away with me on honeymoon as I think it’ll be the perfect size for two weeks away, just checking it’s not terrible first haha!
      Oh god that website is almost as offensive as the font on the bag, why so many shades of pink, pick one and stick with it!

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      1. OMG they changed the site! Hahaha. I visited it a couple months back b/c one of my Ipsy products was theirs. The WHOLE PAGE was FUCHSIA. I kid you not. The way it looks now is actually much better, even with the contrasting pinks.


  3. I stopped subbing to love me beauty and other beauty boxes because they either had the same things which I didn’t like or none that I could use. I do like the ecotool brushes though

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    1. I agree this is only my second Love Me Beauty box in a year, I was before subscriber for a full year but often see the same products going round and I was struggling to pick things I wanted by the end of it to cancelled my subscription. I keep my eye on it as you can get some good deals if there’s stuff you do actually want to try.


  4. So awesome that you got this on credits! 🙂
    What does the bag actually READ? “Just wing it life eyeliner everything” 😮 What does that even mean?
    Oh that sucks they sent you the shimmering oil instead of the shower oil… 😦 Are you going to contact them about it? I do like their regular oil but I only use for my hair – my little bottle has lasted me so long.
    That Ecotools full powder brush looks super FLOOFY. Must feel so soft!
    Hmm they should do a banana for scale photo with every beauty product so that it’s clear whether the item is full size or miniature! 😆


    1. Yes when I contacted them about the product being smaller than expected I also said it would have been nice to choose another item if it was unavailable, I got 10 extra credits for nuxe and 20 for the product being smaller than advertised!
      I have no idea what that quote actually means, pretty sure I’d get a serious talking to if I went into work and said my new philosophy was to wing it ha!
      I keep meaning to try that oil as a hair oil I have a bottle somewhere!


  5. The font on that bag and lack of commas is annoying me, though I quite like the general look of it if you glance at it. There seem to be some great products in there, I really like eco tools brushes and they last so well.


  6. I really love these items, especially the Eco tools brushes. I have some and they are sooo soft and the quality is amazing and they’re inexpensive as well. I was wondering how exactly does this subscription work, like with the credits and how do you get them?


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