Wedding Shoes to Dance All Night In with Elegant Steps

Some of you will know that I’ve had my wedding shoes since the middle of last year, however I’ve been on the look out for some pretty shoes that I could dance all night in (because if there is one thing I’m planning on doing on my wedding day, it’s hitting up the dancefloor with a glass of Prosecco for the entirety of the evening). I really struggled to find what I was looking for, so when Elegant Steps got in touch and offered to send me some shoes for the big day, a quick peruse of their website showed they had lots of lovely options to pick from, so of course I said yes.

I was in the market for a pair of flats, and chose from the range Rainbow Club, which is a range predominately aimed at the bridal and occasion wear market. One thing I really like about this range is that if you want a more traditional style shoe, but maybe a non-traditional colour, they can dye any of the shoes in the range to a custom colour should you desire.

Another great thing about the range is because they’re targeted at the the Bridal market, they’re built with comfort in mind, designed to be worn all day. If I hadn’t of already had a pair of shoes in the waiting I probably would have considered wearing these all day, but they have a huge selection of different styles of shoes, from high heels to kittens, all the way down to flats. If this pair are anything to go by, then the range won’t leave you disappointed.

They arrived in a pretty pink and white striped box, and inside they were delicately individually wrapped in tissue paper to keep them protected on their Journey. They even have a little blue diamanté on the sole of the shoe so it can have you covered for your something blue in one go as well, a cute little touch that’s not overwhelming.

When I was looking at the flats there was one pair which stood out to me, and when I saw the name I was sold. I picked the Stevie (the name of my Sister in Law to be and one of my Bridesmaids), so it felt like a little ‘aww’ moment. Mine were not dyed, although I was tempted to have them coloured, these are an off white satin, with a silver glitter trim. The toes are slightly pointed but not too much so that I find them uncomfortable, or make my already big size 8 feet look any larger. Finished off with a glittery trim which I thought was silver, but it’s actually more of a champagne in person. I was little nervous that the glitter might be a bit catchy and might catch on the inside of my dress and inhibit my crazy dance moves, but they’re nice and smooth and don’t catch on a thing.


One of the things I like about this pair is that they do have the tiniest of raised heel, and as you walk around they click and clack and give you the feeling that you’re wearing heels just because of the sound that they make.

The inside of the shoes is cushioned and comfortable, while there’s extra backup around those often painful areas with a foamy feeling heel and padded area around the toe. I have lots of faith that these are going to keep me comfortable all night long, and as soon as I’m ready to hit the dance floor I’m going to be slipping these on.

If you’re in the market for some Wedding shoes I totally recommend the range of Rainbow Club ones from Elegant Steps, which you can view here or find this shoe in particular here. The range is budget friendly, but doesn’t compromise on style of comfort. I’ll do a full report on these once they’ve been worn, so far I’ve totted around  the house wearing them, but have had to be careful to not get them around two pesky dogs with dusty paws.

Thank you to Elegant Steps for gifting me a pair, thoughts and experiences are based on my own.


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52 thoughts on “Wedding Shoes to Dance All Night In with Elegant Steps

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    1. I know! I might have worn them if they’d arrived in time for my dress fitting to adjust length but they didn’t quite make it!
      I’d love to wear heels all day, but I don’t want to get to the point where my feet get sore/I get moany and stop enjoying myself – especially as we’re planning on doing a lot of walking on honeymoon 2 days later!


  2. These are lovely shoes and I am so glad more people are happy wearing flats. I don’t like heels so I’d be tempted to wear these all day x


  3. These look so comfy! I don’t think I’d be able to walk and dance in high heels all night at a wedding (or even for my own!)


  4. These are absolutely lovely and the perfect style for a comfortable wedding day. I had the most beautiful pair of shoes that I ADORED, however they were the most painful pair of shoes I have ever worn and I ended up barefoot for most of it


  5. I’m loving the flats. Isn’t is fun how they’re able to die shoes to match any color? They look super comfortable .. so hopefully there won’t be any blisters on your dancing feet x


  6. These are so cute! I especially love the comfort level. There are so many beautiful shoes out there, but if you can’t do what you really want to do in them, in this case dance the night away, then it can ruin the experience. I am also a size 8, so it’s nice to know they have this size available. x


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