Face Mask Friday #35 – Tony Moly Seaweed Sheet Mask

I gaev the Tony Moly masks a rest for a few weeks to stop them becoming a bit of a repetative thing to see each week, and also to give myself a break from them to give myself a bit of perspective having give myself a break from them for a little bit. I’m back with one of the ones I’ve been most excited to try from the huge multipack I bought.

Seaweed is an ingredient which is really working for me in my favourite cleanser of the moment from Mario Badescu. This is described as a Seaweeds (yes, plural) mask which makes skin look bright and radiant with freshness of the sea. Like all the masks in the I’m Real range this is listed to be left on for 20-30 minutes, and this is the first that I’ve struggled with doing waiting the full time.

Unlike others this one seemed to dry out much faster than any of the others I’ve tried thus far and whilst initially it felt completely drenched in serum it started to peel away from the face quite quickly as the serum both absorbed quickly on the skin, whilst the top layer dried out.

 Some of the Tony Moly masks are scented and others are not, seaweed can sometimes be something whih is nice and fresh, but it can also be a potent or pungent smell. Luckily this one is just a subtle fresh scent. The first ten minutes that this was on it had an very soothing feeling all over the face, I had a couple of spots that had been brewing under the skin for a day or two but weren’t showing any signs of actually coming to a head, or they were moving very slowly to get to that point.

The spots felt soothed, and whether it was down to this mask or not – I can’t decide, they went away over the next 24 hours. Overall the skin felt smooth, soothed, soft and looked brighter and more hydrated. Like most sheet masks the effects were temporary and within 36 hours the initial boost of hydration seemed to have worn away. I never use sheet masks with the thought that they are going to be miracle workers and transform my skin for a week, but they are always nice as a pick me up, or a skin treat before something special.

This is one of the ones from TM, which is worth the cash for me, and I’d think about rebuying this one.

What are your favourite skincare pick me ups?


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