Nip+Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix Review

On a Shopping trip with some of my nearest and dearest blog friends, when Molly spotted that this was discounted, it went straight into her hands – declaring it as her favourite scrub, and the one she goes back to over and over. Knowing I had just ran out of my entire stash of face scrubs, her declaration of love for this had me intrigued, and before I knew it it had jumped into my hands as well, and I’ve been putting it to the test ever since.

Prior to this I’d picked up a few other items from the Nip+Fab range since Christmas, both also from their iconic Glycolic Fix range as well. So far I’ve really been getting along with those two items, so I wasn’t surprised that this immediately started working well within my routine. I like the packaging of this, it’s quite simple and non bulky – I think for the price I picked it up at which was around £5 it’s fine. But price wise it normally sits around the price of brands like Liz Earle, and it’s not as sleek looking.

The bright blue packaging is topped off with a squeeze top lid which easily distributes the product. Sometimes with these type of lids I can find it all too easy to squeeze way too much out, but the product is quite thick which means I’m not wasting product with every use.

This is a pretty heavy duty face scrub, and my face can’t cope with this more than about 3 times in a fortnight. It’s not a soft scrub in the slightest and has a gritty texture. However I’d rather spend less time doing it more infrequently and use less product than needing to do this every other day as I do with many other face scrubs. It does the job really well and as I was having spots from my breakout that were healing up and looking quite dry and flaky as they did, it buffed away any dry skin easily. However I think if you have a sensitive skin you will probably find this too scratchy and harsh and need something softer. 

The texture before rubbed in is a thick paste white cream.

In terms of it being a Glycolic based scrub, I noticed nothing additional it was adding to my skincare routine other than being just a really good scrub. They describe this as being a 3-in-1 triple action facial polish with Micro Exfoliant (I’m struggling to find out what it is, and don’t recognise what it is from the ingredients list either!), with Glycolic Acid at 3% (I’ve discovered 7% is where I notice a difference with Glycolic Acid for me personally) which exfoliates and retextures, and Salicylic acids to refine, brighten and renew.

I’m not sure whether Superdrug now have exclusively lower prices for Nip + Fab, when I first bought some items around a month ago everything was atleast 50% off and prices haven’t risen since, which is odd as most promos like this only last 1-2 weeks, a month at most. However they are still marked as discounted rather than a lower price on their website, and compared to Boots where this is £9.99, it’s £4.99 in Superdrug. So if you’re a Nip+Fab fan in the UK, or have wanted to try some bits now is the time to stock up  whilst the prices are so cheap.

What are your favourite facial scrubs?


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20 thoughts on “Nip+Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix Review

  1. I’m glad you like it! Phew! My skin is completely the opposite of sensitive, I find myself actually needing to use this twice a week! I’ve also noticed that my blackheads on my nose are minimised and my foundation applies smoother. All in all I just love it 😂 Xxx

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  2. Have you tried the mask from the same range? Cause I keep wanting to pick it up but I don’t know, honestly I never know how to feel about nip & fab! Loved reading your review x

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  3. I keep seeing people rave about this brand, including their body creams. I can’t get hold of it in Abu Dhabi 😦

    Amy |

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  4. This sounds hardcore! With these exfoliants that are both physical (grains) and chemical (AHA), I like to put them on like a face mask on damp skin and leave on for about 10 mins. Then I wet my face again and gently scrub and rinse off – I find you get the best of both worlds of the exfoliants.


    1. If I don’t scrub in the shower I don’t tend to do it! Pretty lazy when it comes to sink side skincare anything past a cleanser is too much effort for me haha! I think maybe because I’m using a lot of stuff from the ordinary that’s stronger I’m seeing much less of any of the aha additional effects of the scrub!


  5. I really love this scrub, I feel like it is the only one I tried so far that actually scrubs decently. I especially love the fact that the scrubbing particles are quite big in comparison with some other face scrubs! I do notice that when I have especially sensitive skin, this scrub can be a little too much though. X

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  6. I didn’t realise how affordable this was in superdrug! I need something a bit more scratchy for once a week use so will pick this up to give it a try! If you and Molly like it them I’m sure to adore it! xx


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