My First ColourPop Haul / Colab with SophieinWonderlandxo

I haven’t had any hauls planned this side of the wedding, but after a really quick decision after Molly who was in America/Canada asked if we wanted anything grabbing whilst she was there, Sophie mentioned ColourPop, but we realised we wouldn’t have time to get an order to her in a hostel to bring back to us. I said to Sophie, I’ll go halves on an order with her to get it over the $50 limit for free delivery, and we jumped on it and ordered within a matter of hours as we wanted it to arrive before we saw each other at the last Friday to swap over (over Tapas and Cocktails naturally!).

It was really hard to decide what I wanted, because I have a ColourPop list as long as my entire body. I decided to get a selection of the different products to try and see what I liked most, with a view of most likely placing another order towards the end of the year with my most favoured items.

The box this arrived in was white emblazoned with Made in LA on the outside, but the inner was gloriously decorated with bright colours. For a really budget brand, the packaging of the actual product is really nice too. Everything being boxed at the price they sell their products at is lovely, with all the high end details like holographic text accents, and spot gloss lamination. The graphic design geek inside me is very happy, and I don’t plan on throwing any of the outer packaging away!

First up was the highlights, I know that might surprise you that I didn’t go straight for lips, but I’d seen some incredible swatches of the highlights a few weeks previous and I knew they would be on my list. I’m getting really into wearable versions of slightly coloured highlights and picked up ‘Over The Moon’ – this was the most neutral from their coloured highlighters and has an almost duochrome effect with neutral tone which has a strong lilac flash. It’s proved really hard to capture when I was swatching as it was grey and overcast, so I’ll report back. Even if I don’t like this as a highlight, I’m going to love this as an eyeshadow, it reminds me of the MAC Reflects Glitters.

I then went to lips next, I decided to get the Phase 2 Lip Bundle, the colours were all very me with rose coloured shades – and contained one of all the different liquid lip formulas. Containing the Ultra Satin Lip Chandelier, which they describe as a true salmon pink (I’d say more of a rose personally). Curtsy, the Ultra Glossy Lip formula, described as a mid-tone warm pink – reminds me or a Strawberry Cake Frosting. And finally Fresh Cut, which is a Ultra Matte Lip – described as true blue pink, from the swatches I’ve seen I’d describe this as a mauvey pink. They were all very similar. Whilst I think I’ll wear them all, in person they were more similar than I would have liked.

I then had to get one of their famous Lippie Stix, one of the colours which always comes up is Lumiere from their Kathleen Lights collaboration – This is a colour which I have a million times over, but for that reason I’m already sure I’m going to love it! I might do a post on all my rose toned pinks and narrow down my absolute favourites, as even I don’t know any more.

Next up was eyeshadows, I picked out Glitterati which is described as a holographic, but I’d think of it more as a glitter, I think this will be stunning layered over any other colours or in the inner corner for a intense glittery accent.

My eye was drawn to Slave2Pink, because it’s such a gorgeous shimmery neon Barbie pink, 2 years ago I would never in a million years have worn this, but I love wearing colours more and more and thought this would be lovely under the bottom lashes for a splash of fun colour.  This is incredibly stunning.

Lastly I picked up the Sandbar Pressed Pigment – I bought a colour from Makeup Geek I thought was going to look like this from swatches but when it arrived it was much more of a reddy pink. These are in pan form and all the colours in the Pressed Pigment range are mostly pinky from what I saw.

I got a free brush as I picked two of the Supershock shadows, I’m glad this was free as on first impressions it doesn’t feel the most amazing quality. However I haven’t tried this on the eyes yet, so it might be deceiving. I chose the blending brush, as that’s the one brush I will never have enough of!


So annoyed this came out blurry. A very pink arm! Left to Right: Fresh Cut, Chandelier, Curtsy, Lumiere, Slave2Pink, Sandbar, Glitterati, Glitterati layered over Sandbar, To The Moon
The Sparkle of Glitterati, Glitterati layered over Sandbar, To The Moon

So that’s what I got! Let me know if you have any recommendations for my next ColourPop haul, or if you’ve tried anything I’ve hauled already. Make sure you go over and head to Sophie’s blog to check out the items which she picked up!


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42 thoughts on “My First ColourPop Haul / Colab with SophieinWonderlandxo

  1. That highlight is so stunning in real life its a shame you couldn’t capture it! I can’t wait to see you wear slave2pink! Xxd

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  2. Colourpop is such a tease on social media and everyone’s raving about them. Made my first order only to go back and to order another one. I’m soo impatient for the post😁😁😁. That’s a lovely haul you’ve got there and that highlighter looks too good. *tells self she can’t place another order for awhile* 😄😄

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  3. That bright pink shadow is amazing! I hope you do a makeup look/tutorial with it! The lip set are all pretty colours but very similar as you mentioned. The highlight and duochrome shadow are lovely too x

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  4. Great idea picking a few items from each category of makeup – then you know which ones to go back for!

    Haha, tons of pink in this haul this time around. Slave2Pink is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, although I would never be able to pull off a colour like that on my eyes. And of course, who can resist the glittery-ness of Glitterati! :O

    I haven’t tried Colourpop yet, so I’m excited to see your review of these products!

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  5. Nice haul! If you like the glittery shadows you should try So Quiche. It’s a golden olive with pink & purple glitter. It’s so gorgeous. I also love Partridge which is a duochrome shade that’s similar to MAC’s Blue Brown pigment.


  6. You certainly got some lovely goodies here. I’m loving all the pink. This isn’t a range I’ve heard much about so I’m looking forward to seeing how you get on with them in the long term.


    1. They’re really affordable items! Unfortunately you do get stung with a hefty customs charge on top which makes it a little less affordable for us U.K. Folks but the quality of everything is amazing! I can’t wait to see how everything wears but the first week of use has me impressed!


  7. Hey, I posted about ColourPop today too! 🙂
    My ColourPop wish list is pretty long too – I think I need to haul MUG first though! I definitely want a highlighter though – they have some really pretty ones.

    I think a lot of companies are using holographic incorrectly. If it doesn’t have a rainbow shimmer effect, it’s NOT holographic. But it seems to be the catch word of the moment (along with unicorn) so they are slapping it onto everything.

    I’ve heard good things about the Ultra Satin formula. I’d be interested to see how you’ll wear Slave2Pink! And I did not know that ColourPop sold brushes!
    Enjoy your loot!


    1. Yes they definitely do! Do you watch simply nail logical? Most of the time things are just duochrome at a push!
      The brush isn’t actually as bad as I thought it would be, used it this morning, as I did slave2pink under the eye! Going to experiment with a few different ways to wear it and do a post as lots of people seem intrigued! I saw you posted and I’m about to go and read!


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