The Body Shop Outlet Haul – May 2016

I stopped into my local Body Shop over the weekend as I was on the hunt for a few items. If you haven’t seen my Body Shop hauls in the past, my local store is an outlet and the prices can sometimes be heavily discount. It’s also discounted the more you buy, so two items an extra 20% off, three items 30% and 4 items or more 40%. It can often mean that it’s cheaper to buy more things just for the sake of getting the discount.

I’ve been on the hunt for their newer masks which launched last year for quite some time, and they still havent made it to the outlet, and they’re never in the sale. As I’m so used to getting things heavily discounted I begrude the idea of paying full price for anything from there. They don’t have many items in there past the core classic collections, like the Strawberry/Olive/White Musk ranges, they have some makeup, but not as much as they used to, as the store has recently been refitted. Then they have the past limited edition scents that they can’t shift. In this case it was full of the Christmas collection. Sadly there was still none of the masks I was looking for, or the Spa of the World, or the Drops of Youth Range.

Polynesian Island Tiare Shower Gel // Before Discount £3 // After Discount £1.80

I picked this up for Honeymoon, whilst I imagine most of the hotels we’re going to will have shower gel, I just wanted to take one just in case. This scent really reminds me of the Elemis Frangipani Monoi range, and is of course a fraction of the price. Ben likes the scent enough for us not to take two shower gels with us and it’s not too bulky, but should give us both enough for two and a bit weeks away from home.

Colour Crush Apricot Nail Polish // Before Discount £2 // After Discount £1.20

To be honest I only picked this up to get the full 40% off discount, and it was the cheapest thing I could find. It’s a gorgeous yellowy orange, Apricot is the perfect shade name for it. I don’t think I have any of these so I’m excited to try it, but I think the range may have been discontinued, as they were in a bin away from the rest of the makeup.

Hemp Heavy Duty Lip Care // Before Discount £4.50 // After Discount £2.70

Ben picked this out as he has been suffering with cracking lips, the lady recommended this as one he shouldn’t need to constantly reapply. A pre discount price of £4.50 is pretty pricey for a chapstick, hopefully this will work as I’d have really high expectations!

Drops of Youth Bouncy Face Mask // Before Discount £10 // After Discount £6

This had a pre-sale price of £25, so was as a great price at £10, and a huge bargain at £6. I looked it up and it’s still for sale online, I had thought it was maybe being discontinued, but I think the only change is the new branding and packaging! I’ve been wanting to get a sleeping mask, and had been thinking about getting the Cilantro one from Kiehl’s, but I’ll tell ya that £6 is a lot more purse friendly than £36. Expect a face mask friday on this soon, it’s beside by Bedside awaiting review. This was the only item from the Drops of Youth range they had, I was looking for the eye cream from the range but sadly they didn’t have it!

That’s it, I could have picked up a few other things, I debated getting Wonderblur and repicking up Instablur but decided against it as I have a pricey month ahead, (It’s one month to the wedding tomorrow!).

Have you tried any of these from the Body Shop before?


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14 thoughts on “The Body Shop Outlet Haul – May 2016

    1. The prices are stupidly cheap in there, it’s just a shame they don’t have everything! I’ve never tried anything from the Vitamin E range, I’m eyeing the mask but definitely need to make my way through a few things which are similar in my collection before I buy another!
      I didn’t know they did a lip care either, we just asked what they had which was heavy duty and would last on the lips and this was her suggestion!

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  1. Ha, your rationale for picking up that nail polish. I’ve been there. 😉
    Oooh that’s an amazing bargain for that Bouncy Sleeping Mask. I have it in my stash still unopened… ugh. I’ve been meaning to try it but my skin is acting up and I’m being super cautious to try new skincare. I hope you’ll like it! I do really like that eye roller thing from that line.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow so cheap! Great deal there☺ The shower gel I got a mini of and I liked it. Feels summery. The nail polish is different to what I’d usually wear but I find myself loving the colour☺ x

    Liked by 1 person

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