Stila Magnificent Metals Rose Gold Retro

As soon as I set eyes on the Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow shadows from Stila, I knew one of them was going to be mine (or several). I decided to start with one, I love wearing glitter shadow but they can often require effort and don’t wear fantastically over a long period of time, and rumour on the street was that these babies did.

Within about 2 days these sold out everywhere in the UK, so I had to wait a few weeks for my new baby to arrive, she was overdue but she was worth the wait. Everything about this product is gorgeous, from the outer cardboard packaging to the end result. And it should be, these aren’t cheap. At £23 a pop these feel a teeny bit more expensive than what they should be, and a little expensive for Stila which most products seem to be around the £15-£20 mark. But I don’t regret spending my cash on it, and I want more.

The product packaging itself is a gorgeous heavy luxe looking Acrylic square tube, with pretty shiny gold lettering emblazoning the Stila Logo. The Lid with wand is a more muted matte finish. I was a little worried that the letters and details on the acrylic were going to scratch and tarnish easily, but after close to a month of this rolling around in my makeup drawer and travel bags it’s holding up well.

One of the reasons I opted to get this was because when I had my wedding makeup trial, the MUA used the old magnificent metals version on me and I love how it looked and I love how it wore. I chose the colour Rose Gold Retro as I thought it matched most closely the colour she used on me, but I’m already eyeing up two or three more from the original ‘neutral’ range of bronzes, browns and golds, as well as all three new launches which are blue, pink and lilac duochromes.

The wand on this isn’t my favourite shape, it’s quite long and narrow and it’s quite flat, I kind of wish this was shaped more like a liquid lipstick with just a angled end as it’s a little hard to control the flat sided applicator on the shape of my eye, a smaller shaped side would offer more options and a more precise application. That’s the only fault I can find in this gem.

Rose Gold Retro is maybe the most neutral out of the selection for my skin tone, blended out it’s pretty peachy toned – I wish personally it was a smudge more glittery, it’s kind of more of a foil crossed with a glitter and sits halfway between. Whilst I apply this all over my lid area, and leave it as opaque as possible, it does need just blending around the edges as it can look pretty clumsy if you don’t get perfect, so a quick controlled dab with my finger is usually all I need to get this looking nice. I find after a few hours once it’s properly dried, there is a little bit of fall out that happens underneath the eyes, but it brushes away quickly and doesn’t continue to flake away during the day.

I’ve done some experimenting and there is no difference for me whether I choose to use this with a primer or not, the application and wear time are the same which ever route I choose. However, whilst I have worn this by itself for a simple glittery look, I tend to pair this with shadows so I wear this with a primer underneath. I have attempted a cut crease using concealer underneath and it didn’t sit well on top of that at all as a side note, it was way less opaque than it would normally be.

I’ve been creating my go to shadow look of choice with some shadows from the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette, using Courtney through the crease (a matte peach brown), Vanity (A deep charcoal brown) on the outer corner & underneath the lashes. I’ve increased or decreased the amount of Vanity I use depending on how smokey I want the look to be, although the look is very similar, I’ve included both.

Day Look

Smokier Look

Look at me with a successful wingliner. This has never happened before.

I think these are worth the cash, if you are going to use them frequently, whilst I love all the colours that Stila have released so far, I know there is several which I wouldn’t use often enough to be able to justify the £23 a pop on them. What I’d quite like them to do is release a miniature selection of all of the colours, then I would buy them all. A small amount of this goes quite far and this has been my daily eye look for around a month now and I don’t plan on stopping, it’s showing no signs of the formula drying out at this stage, and you look at the tube and would be unaware it isn’t brand new, so I have a feeling it’s going to last a really long time.

Annoyingly this current shade is out of stock off the Beauty Bay where I bought it from – but highly recommend checking out some of the other colours, I have my eye on Smoky Storm a pretty grey gold, Bronzed Bell – you guessed it a Bronze, and Gold Goddess a pretty gold – which reminds me a lot of a MAC Glitter Pigment I’ve been trying to get my mitts on since Christmas. They don’t yet have the new collection Mermaidy looking glorious ones, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be getting one of those as soon as they become available in the UK. You can get Rose Gold Retro available from Cult Beauty, I have shopped from there several times before and recommend them too!

Have you tried these yet? Are you a glitter shadow lover?

Post contains affiliate links, but product bought myself and review is my thoughts on the product.


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51 thoughts on “Stila Magnificent Metals Rose Gold Retro

  1. I’ve heard these work best when you use a glitter primer underneath. I have this shade too and the NYX Glitter Primer but I haven’t had a chance to use them together yet. I need a day where I can take my time with my makeup. Thinking maybe Friday if I have time as I’m going to a concert that night.

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    1. I’ve been putting these on at 6.30/7 with a normal primer and they’re still on when I get home from with 12 hours later some of the pigment seems to fade a little, but for those most part they hold up well. I’ll see if I can get longer out of wear with a primer, I have the too faced one somewhere!


  2. You did some really nice looks with this, and the shade is really pretty on you! When these first came out, I thought I’d end up buy them all too. But they’re so metallic/glittery that I don’t think I’d realistically get much use out of them. Pretty to look at, nonetheless!

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  4. I’ve seen these swatched and they’re STUNNING to look at but I just know myself that I wouldn’t wear this level of metallic finish on my lids all too often. If I buy, I’d just to oogle at them… 😛 It looks amazing on you and it’s good to know they’re not just eye candy – that they are pigmented and wear well!

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    1. I think it’s worth treating yourself to one to admire in person in a shade you would use a lot if you were going to wear this kind of look! The packaging is really secure and properly clicks, so I don’t think these would dry out with infrequent use! 😉😉 they do wear amazingly, applied this morning for work at 6.30 and about to take it off at 11, still on and holdin’ strong.


  5. This looks amazing, I love this colour and the formula sounds great. I’ve been wondering about some of these Stila liquid eye products but they seemed expensive. Might give one of them a go though as they do sound good.


    1. I think if you can find one shade that you will use a lot if you don’t wear sparkly shadows very often, and would be your go to for that kind of look then they are worth it. I’m wearing this every day at the moment as it’s too be beautiful not to, but I realise that’s not for everybody, but I wouldn’t buy several if I wasn’t going to use them frequently! x


  6. This looks absolutely stunning and both of your makeup looks are gorgeous. This is probably the top end of what I’d pay for makeup, but maybe for a special occasion where I needed some sparkle I might be tempted to splash out.


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