Guilt Free Haul – Boots & Beauty Bay

I know I know, another haul. I’m seriously hoping that this is the last one for a month though (other than a post on Beauty Pie later in the week), this was made mid March, I’m just belated in getting it up! This one was guilt free however, cost me nothing.


Guilt Free Because: I cashed in my Boots points

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer         

I’m a really big fan of this concealer and it featured in my last empties, I’ve been trying to replace it since then but the lightest shade has always been out of stock. I had no plans to actually do a Boots haul, but once I bought this and saw Bourjois was on 3 for 2, it opened the floodgates for more. Reviewed this here.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer

I bought this because I love the Radiance Reveal concealer so damn much that I thought I would try another one from the line. This I think is more of my skintone rather than an undereye brightener which I use the Radiance Reveal for. I’m keeping this as a reward for when I finish up the concealer I featured in the Products I’m Trying To Finish Up two weeks ago.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Shade 07

I’ve heard amazing things about these and I’ve swatched them a lot and always thought I wouldn’t like them the texture is so odd to me and it feels like it wouldn’t be long lasting. I’ve been planning a liquid lipstick showdown for ages, so here’s yet another one to add to the pile. This was my free item in the 3 for 2.

Head and Shoulders Apple Fresh

If you’ve seen my Instagram/Instagram stories you will have seen that I have been non stop moaning at the discrepancy between the L’Oreal Colorista I bought, and the colour it went on my hair. I don’t hate the colour, but it’s not what I signed up for and I do definitely want to make sure it’s gone before I go and get my hair dyed pre-wedding and make my hairdresser’s job as easy as possible. L’Oreal have been less than helpful so far with advise so I’m trying a clarifying shampoo to remove, apparently Head and Shoulders is meant to be great for stripping colour from hair, and the Apple scent was obviously going to be the one I picked to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Essie Double Breasted Jacket

I spotted this in a clearance bin of Essie’s and swiped It up for £3 (how could I resist though?!). This is a gorgeous bright cherry red shade that I know has had a lot of love in the past, I think this was from their Christmas Collection 2014, so god knows what drawer that Boots had been keeping these in!

 L’Oreal La Manicure 7 in 1 Saviour

This was a sealed box that I also picked up from the clearance bin, the illustration on it made it look like this was a cuticle & nail oil (which is what I needed as cuticles are currently very dry looking), and instead this is something that looks more like OPI Nail Envy with a nail treatment. It was only £2.50 and I’ll probably use it, as most of my base coats seem to have gone AWOL anyway.

Barry M Matte Me Up Embellish

I’ve been on the hunt for the lip kits that Sophie featured on her blog, since we met up and did some shopping, I can only find the light nude shade in any shops which just isn’t me, so in the end decided to try the liquid lipstick by itself.

Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara

I’ve been intigued about this new launch from Rimmel and have heard mixed reviews about it so thought I’d give it a go. Essentially this formula should stay clump free forever as their is some kind of mixing motion on the inside which reinvigorates the product and keeps it fresh.

Beauty Bay

Guilt Free Because: I’m an Affiliate and had credit build up to use (with still some to spare that I’ll probably get the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette with soon!)

Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Soap

I’ve said a few times over the past month that my skin has been pretty bad, I’ve been getting large one off spots at a time, which have been very painful and full of pressure. I’ve tried cutting every product out of my routine to try and find out if it was something, which was causing it, but nothing seems to have cured it and it’s kept coming, so it may just be stress. However my skin did turn bad when I stopped using this after I finished it up, and my skin has never been better than when I was using this every time I showered, so fingers crossed this might be what my skin has been craving! Reviewed here.

Makeup Geek Duochrome Eyeshadows – Secret Garden / Rockstar / Steampunk

If you saw my Makeup Geek collection last week then you’ll already know that I purchased the last three duochromes that I was missing. The duochrome finish is my favourite from MUG, and I reach for all of the shades a lot and I expect these will be no different.

Secret Garden – A deep forest green base with a brighter emerald green fleck, this will be gorgeous going into Autumn.

Rockstar – From the pan Rockstar looks like the least Rockstar shade possible, I don’t know whether it’s intended irony or not. Rockstar is a soft beige grey toned colour, with a slight peachy pink effect.

Steampunk – A gorgeous warm, red brown with a coppery brown fleck. I think this would make a really beautifully grungey all over shade.

Have you treated yourself to anything new recently?


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36 thoughts on “Guilt Free Haul – Boots & Beauty Bay

  1. I wish stores in NZ did this where you could collect points! You’ve picked up some great products, I really like the Radiance Reveal concealer too.
    Kathy x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Bourjois concealer both sound really nice. We do have Bourjois over here and it is a brand that intrigues me and a brand I’d like to try more from. I love the Rouge Edition Velvet shade I have (#2) and keep it in my everyday/most used makeup bag on my dresser x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ve used the Rouge Velvet a few times so far and I’m still not sure, I find the texture almost slimey feeling now I’ve become so well acquainted with mattes, but the colour is so nice I want to love it!
      The base products from Bourjois are some of the best on the drugstore, there’s not a lot else I rate from them of what I’ve tried, but all their powders, concealers and foundations are usually excellent! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love it when you have enough Boots points to do a decent haul, it’s a great feeling. Those makeup geek colours are so pretty. I’ve had a Beauty Bay order planned for a while and keep changing which of the duochrome to get. I think Steampunk is in there and Rockstar, though the name doesn’t really suit it, is looking like it might sneak in as a nice everyday duochrome. Most seem to be more bright colours or less everyday ones so it’s nice to see some that could be.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Can’t wait to see what you think to the Barry M liquid lipstick! such a fab haul you got lots of exciting goodies to try!! I want to be a bb affiliate!! definitely get the modern ren palette its a beaut xxx

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Always good to have points to redeem! 😀
    I had the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer that was in a squeeze tube – did they repackage it to this wand type now? Or is this a different one.
    I had no idea that H&S is known for striping colour from hair! I love that apple one – smells great and makes my hair bouncy. I’m using it now!
    Ooh I have not heard of Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara – intrigued too!
    Turns out I have both Rockstar and Steampunk on my wish list. I agree, with a name like Rockstar, I expected something flashier.


    1. Yes I think the foundation was reformulated and the concealer was repackaged – almost identical to the Radiance Reveal concealer. Yep when I’ve been looking for best ones to strip hair Head and Shoulders kept coming up!
      Trying out the Rimmel Mascara this week will aim to have a review up in the next few once it’s had a good go!
      I was going to say you should have Steampunk on your list too on the instapost, I think you’d like that shade!


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