An Extreme 3D Dimension? MAC Mascara Review

Being offered a selection of samples in MAC is like Sophie’s Choice, “can’t I just have them all!?” is what goes on in my head as I’m asked to chose between a sample sized version of Mascaras, Skincare and Primers. In this case the Mascara won the vote as I do love trying MAC mascaras as my views on them can be quite polarized between love and hate.

I’d never heard of their In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash before, and presumed it must have been a new launch, but when I got home and looked it up, I could find reviews around 3 years old so it’s one that’s been lingering in the shadows for me for a few years. If I was chosing a mascara brush this definitely wouldn’t be my choice, I’m a proper hair bristle lover in general, or if they’re rubber instead I tend to prefer a curved shaped wand.


From the picture below you can see that it’s quite long and thick, there’s a mixture of rubber bristles ranging from small to large, and it’s densely packed all the way up and down. However if you catch this from side on like above the bristles look sharp and dagger shaped. At the end the bristles don’t stop and is instead rounded off with a almost ball shaped end which is actually one of  my favourite bits about the mascara for getting into the areas where it’s harder to reach as well as pushing up at the root to help open the eyes more and create more curl.

Extreme, Dimension & 3D are words that screamed Drama and Volume to me – I was kind of expecting this to be like the L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara which launched two years ago which sent your lashes spiralling in different directions, I was kind of expecting this to be more of an ‘artistic choice’ mascara over an every day one, or for it to be packed with volume, but actually it’s neither.

This is separating and lengthening, it adds a bit of volume at the base with a second coat, which struggles to stick all the way up to the ends, I would definitely put it more into the defining category over volume, although it’s not void of creating any volume and it doesn’t create the dreaded (for me) spidery look to lashes.

With shadow and liner

The wear time of the mascara is good, it does tend to start disappearing at the end of the day and the lashes become quite soft and whispy, although I don’t know where the mascara goes as it doesn’t seem to end up transferring on the lid and going everywhere. When it comes to removal at the end of the day this comes away easily, no heavy scrubbing needed to get this away and it dissolves easily with everything I’ve tried.

Without Liner

Without Liner

I like this mascara, it works well – but I kind of want more from MAC, this doesn’t scream to me the results that I’d want from a £20 mascara, I’ll happily be using this sample to the end, which unfortunately I think will be closer than I’d like as there doesn’t seem to be tonnes of product in the tube, I feel like I’m scraping the barrel to get the product on the wand.

Have you tried this mascara, or any Mascaras from MAC?


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30 thoughts on “An Extreme 3D Dimension? MAC Mascara Review

  1. I got this sample too and I really like how natural it is, though I agree the name is misleading. I want to purchase a full-size but it strikes me as pretty similar to a Barry M one I’ve got so I’ll probably just buy a new one of that when I run out of the mascaras I have on the go!

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  2. I also find MAC mascaras to be hit and miss. The only one I liked as I recall was their Haute & Naughty one with the 2-in-1 wand. But then I ended up liking the cheaper “dupes” from Bourjois and Rimmel so no point in getting the MAC.
    Your thoughts on the performance of this mascara is how I feel about all mascaras that cost more than $10 – is it twice or 3 times as good as my drugstore ones? Nope!

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  3. I’ve tried the False Lashes Extreme Black (got a sample with my last MAC order). It’s not half bad. I keep it in my handbag though for days I don’t have time to put mascara on (I just do it in the bathroom at work).

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  4. I also have a sample of this and whilst I don’t particularly love it on my upper lashes I think it looks really nice on the lower ones and is great as it doesn’t smudge. I’m tempted to buy the full size purely for my bottom lashes but it feels like a waste since I don’t want to use it on all of them. It’ll probably dry up before I finish it.

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  5. Looks really nice but, as you say, not sure if £20 worth when there are some good cheaper mascaras. I tend not to go for overly expensive mascara since they’re something that goes off so fast. However few samples are always good to try and fun to see what else is out there.

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    1. Despite my repeated tries to find a cheap mascara I like more than any other when I have to buy them I always end up going to high end mascaras – most beauty boxes seem to keep me topped up now a days so it’s not very often I have to purchase one, but there’s some higher end ones i’ve never been able to beat! xx


  6. I’ve tried another sample from mac but i can’t remember the name of it you dont get much in a tube do you. It looks gorgeous on you but a shame it doesn’t last all-day xxx

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