DIY Wedding Bathroom Baskets

Something I”ve seen a few times in weddings I’ve been to over the past few years is little convenience baskets in the bathrooms for the guests. When I showed a few bits that I had been collecting in a previous haul and said I had been planning to do this, a lot of people said they would be interested in seeing the finished product, and showing it to you will also mean I can get some feedback on stuff I might have forgotten!

I have two separate baskets for each of the toilets, you’ll notice that one basket is smaller than the other (clearly the guys), and initially I bought two big baskets, and had to buy a third smaller one as it would have looked ridiculously oversized. The baskets are from the brand Curver and are slightly different designs, I could have bought cheaper baskets from somewhere like Poundland but I decided to spend a little more on baskets that I would be reusing again afterwards, I think these were £4 and £5 and I bought the larger ones from TK Maxx and the smaller one from Tesco, but most home stores seem to carry a selection of the different design types from Curver, and they’re roughly the same price everywhere from what I’ve noticed.

Whilst I wanted to offer my guests something to touch up and feel their freshest, I equally didn’t need the best quality of everything for something that was going to be a one off use for someone, rather than if I was stocking up on something for my own purposes to use daily. It can get quite a costly experience putting these together. Where possible I tried to keep to own brand products and got a large bulk of the products in Poundland, where I couldn’t find what I was looking for in Poundland I kept my eye out for offers in Supermarkets and Boots.

Guys Bathroom

V05 Texture Gel Mini, Four Packs of Kleenex Tissues, Primark Mint Breath Spray, Hope and Cresswell Mint Crumbles, Spearmint Chews, Right Guard Deodorant, Toothpicks, M&S Autograph Aftershave minis.

Girls Bathroom


Clear Plasters, Toothpicks, Mini Soap and Glory Handfood

Body Form Sanitary Towels, Lil-lets Tampons,Four Packs of Kleenex Tissues, Boots Nail File

Sure Invisible Deodorant (picked as it’s good for all colours), The Body Shop White Musk Libertine Perfume, Impulse Violets and Red Fruits Body Spray.

Gel Shoe Cushions (x4), Boots FIrm Hold Hairspray, Paddle Hairbrush, Boots Hairgrips & Bobbles, Cleansing Wipes

Spearmint Chews, Hope and Creswell Mint Cushions, PS Love Mouth Spray

There’s some cross over of essentials between both, I ended up with two lots of mints as I bought some and couldn’t find where I had put them for weeks, naturally when they had turned up I’d already purchased a second set. It was tempting to just buy some pots of gum, but I decided to go for quick chews that would be gone quickly as I didn’t want to turn around and see my entire wedding venue chewing gum by the end of the evening (just call me Bridezilla). The toothpicks are also essential and were bloody difficult to source, I eventually stumbled across them in Sainsbury’s but that was the fifth shop I’d tried, we’re having a fancy BBQ for our main so getting rid of any lingering meat that always seems to get stuck was a must.

The aftershaves we managed to pick up at a Charity shop in an unopened gift set for just a few pounds, (great time to find these is just after Christmas, when people have got rid of gifts they didn’t want!) and I had a bottle of perfume as a duplicate which I adore (great if everyone will end up smelling the same by the end of the night is if it’s something you do actually like!) which I purchased for £4 in a Body Shop Outlet near us which I’ve had since last year, by the time I need to open that spare it will have probably gone back on sale again since.

Originally in my head I’d planned to put in Paracetamol and Ibuprofen into the boxes, but in the end I decided against that as there is just one of each toilet in our venue, and they’ll be children there who will be probably going to the toilet alone so didn’t want anything to cause any potential harm. I’m actually going to put little tags on the baskets to invite people to use what they need, and mention that I’ll have Paracetamol & Ibuprofen on hand if needed.

Right now I really think I managed to get everything, but If there’s something glaringly obvious I’ve missed, or something that you think would be helpful please let me know in the comments!


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32 thoughts on “DIY Wedding Bathroom Baskets

  1. These are a fab idea I would never have thought about that! so thoughtful and lovely for the guests! I have seen baskets like this in Lakeland too, I keep my nail varnishes in smaller versions and my hair brushes in a round version 🙂 xxx

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  2. Gosh my last comment disappeared! The post went bye bye… ANYWAY, here’s what I wrote, more or less:

    This is so thoughtful and relatively simple / inexpensive to do! As a guest, I’d be tempted to swipe the hair ties, perfume, and nail file! XD

    And GOOD call on the mints vs gum! I used to chew gum ALL THE TIME until I realized I look like a cow. I’ve mostly converted to mints – if I’m off to a meeting, I’ll usually pop a mint, if I’m at my desk, I’ll chew gum. 😛
    Also, good call on the pain meds – too much risk to leave it open for little kiddies.

    One idea for you is possibly having a bottle of clear nail polish / top coat in the basket. This can serve dual function: help stop nylon runs, and to apply on nails to stop further chipping of polish. Just a thought.

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  3. Love this idea! It’s very thoughtful of you. The bandaids are probably going to be much needed by the ladies after being in heels all day! Good idea on the Paracetamol and Ibuprofen and keeping them away from children! It would be smart to have them in there, but that’s definitely something to think about.

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  4. It is such a great idea! Just a thought you can buy paracetemol and ibuprofen in those litlle plastic child proof contaniers … you know the ones where you have to push the lid down and turn?

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