The Body Shop White Musk Soft Satin Body Polish – Review

I’m finally onto my last body scrub from The Body Shop that was in my stockpile I made last year (seriously, I’m almost certain I had more types than my local shop at one point.) This one came from a Look Incredible box last year and is a little bit different to the rest.

First things first, I hate the packaging of this, it’s in a really wide shallow tub which means it doesn’t sit nicely in my shower caddy, so it has to sit on the shower floor and it’s a bloody huge tub to take up sitting on the floor. It’s very wide & shallow, and the packaging in general isn’t Body Shop’s finest, the white packaging is a little dull.

Now researching this on the Body Shop’s website, doesn’t seem to be available since the packaging has been revamped. I know the Body Shop has a few products in it’s line that seem to come in and out of stock seasonally, and I’m not sure if this is one of them or not, but I can’t tell you how much it retails for, I imagine it’s somewhere around the £10 mark like most of their other scrubs.

The White Musk fragrance is probably the Body Shop’s most Iconic, with notes of Jasmine, Rose, Amber and Wood, it’s both floral and warm, I’ll admit it’s not my favourite and I much prefer the White Musk Libertine scent, however it’s not an awful scent either. The scent that this scrub has is surpisingly underwhelming and light, I’m used to Body Shop products hitting my nostrils like a smack around a head with a brick and this one has a trace of somethinng but it’s barely noticeable.


The texture of this is odd, in many ways it feels more like one of their body butters, as you can see from the picture above I can draw my finger through the product and it holds it’s shape not sinking back into place or relevelling itself. Rubbing this over the skin, it’s very creamy and buttery feeling, it doesn’t feel a lot like a boy scrub – the scrub itself is just peppered through the creamy texture, it’s very light and soft feeling and not as high impact as what I’m used to. I don’t like a scratchy scrub, but I like to feel like something is happening and with this one it’s just not heavy duty enough, even on my skin that’s not particulary dry and in need of major exfoliating.

One one hand I think really dry skins might like this because of the almost body butter like texture it has on the skin, but I don’t think it will be heavy enough to buff away dry skin. I can see sensitive skins might like this because the scrub is so light, but the fact it’s a perfumed product may mean that it’s not going to agree with the skin. I just don’t know who this is targetted at or what it’s meant to do, me as someone who doesn’t have dry or sensitive skin feels like this product is confused in it’s role.

If this product has been discontinued, I can understand why, it’s not the most awful product that I’ve tried, and it will certainly get used up (that’s if I don’t trip over it on the shower floor for the tenth time and eventually break it) – but would I recommend you bought it if you saw it on the shelves? No. It’s not Body Shop at it’s best, and I’ll be happy to be able to repurchase a Raspberry Body Scrub from them now I’m finally at the end of my stash.

What are your current favourite body scrubs?


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13 thoughts on “The Body Shop White Musk Soft Satin Body Polish – Review

  1. I’ve never ever seen this at TBS! Hmm but based on your description, I don’t think I’d love the texture. I prefer scrubs that have fine granules but lots of it. I don’t like the course ones, or the ones that are creamy and don’t contain many granules (which sounds to be the case here). Right now I’m using a Bath & Body Works one and the granules are like the size of seeds and so rough – not a fan! I don’t think I’ve found a “favourite” scrub yet!


  2. Huh, the texture sounds interesting to dry-skinned me, but if it’s not scrubby enough, meh. It’s odd that the scent is not strong! Very weird for TBS.

    All their scrubs seem so different, and it’s hard to tell what kind they are!

    Oh I feel you with the shower caddy. We have a bench in our shower but we never use it to sit on – it holds our myriad shampoos and stuff! What I really hate is bath/hair stuff that comes in glass bottles. W.T.F. How dangerous is that.

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  3. White musk was a favourite of mine when I was 11 or 12 and i haven’t worn it in years but I have been tempted by it sometimes. I’ve never seen this in TBS in any scent, maybe it was a limited edition, but it does sound like a nice mix of body butter moisturising and their scrub. I think the raspberry or the blueberry are my favourite, I haven’t bought many of their other scrubs recently.

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  4. I think if I see that one in stores, I’ll skip it. I prefer more scrubby textures like the mango one! My favorite scrub at the moment is a new honey scrub Bath and Body Works has released (I think it’s just called CocoShea Honey). It is scrubby and moisturizing, but it does not lather. I don’t know why, but I really do not like lathering/cleansing scrubs. I want my skin to feel soft afterwards!

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  5. I agree that the white musk scent isn’t the best from the body shop despite its high status! I love the scrubs from there but have never tried this one and it does look quite thick on the picture. I think I’ll stick to my coconut one! X

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  6. I haven’t seen this in TBS! It sounds lovely, but I’ve got a couple of scrubs from them and used it mostly for the scent since it doesn’t really seem to exfoliate or provide any benefit tbh.


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