Products I’m Trying to Use Up – Spring 2017

I’ve done a couple of these posts in the past, but I haven’t ended up doing one in a while. I have a few products fro the last one which I’m still working on, but I always like to have a selection from my stash which I’m actively saying I’m trying to use up.

Maybelline Brow Satin Pencil

Maybelline sent me a bundle of products not last October, but the October before and this was one of the ones in there. I’m not really a brow pencil gal, but I’m actually reaching for this more often than I’d expect. When the package arrived unfortunately half of this snapped off straight away and despite the fact I’ve been left with the tiniest stub of product, it’s actually taking forever to use up. I’m enjoying using it, but I’ll be glad to see it gone.

Laura Gellar Spackle Primer

I was in two minds of whether to include this or not, because looking at the tube you’d think that there isn’t much left and you’re probably right, I’m even hoping it will make this months empties. But I’ve been working on using this up since Christmas so it deserves to be spoken about, this is quite a large sized primer, and therefore it becomes the gift that just keeps on giving. I reviewed this here last January, and I’m ready to see this go, mainly because I have not one, but two other full size version of Spackle which I received in Beauty boxes last year ready to go.

Neal & Wolf Velvet Hair Oil

I often say when it comes to speaking about my haircare drawer is that I’m bombarded with oils constantly it seems to be something I’ve received a lot at events and I think I have about 6 which I’ve not even touched yet. I actually really like this oil, it smells lovely, it has this deep fruity muskiness to it, like the Laura Gellar primer it’s the gift that just keeps giving. I only use this on wet hair, and I’ve managed to train my hair over the past few months to needed to be washed 4 times a week down to 2, so despite the fact I use it every time I wash my hair, it’s getting used less frequently. If I’m done with this by the end of the year, I’ve probably done well.

Essence All About Matt Concealer

I think this concealer featured in my first Products I’m trying to use up, and this was the second tube I already had waiting in backup. I really love this concealer, but it’s yet another product that I’m sick of seeing in my drawer now. I reviewed this here, where I said quite often I wear this by itself if I’m feeling a less makeup heavy day, and that’ the same way I’ve been wearing it now. I have plenty of concealers in my drawer at the moment, but it’s one I’ll probably come back to in future as it’s fantastic, and super cheap.

& Other Stories Punk Bouquet Body Wash

This was in a favourites not that long ago. It’s another product that I’ve just become sick of seeing, that pump top releases the perfect amount of product so as opposed to the squeezy bottles from the Body Shop I normally use that last me about 2 months at a time, I waste much less. This has been going since October. AND IT’S ONLY HALF FULL, yes I’ve had a few sample sizes here and there. I’ve been tempted to put this into my cupboard and swap it for another, but I’m  trying to not start products before I’ve finished up another.

Juicy Couture – Love Peace and Juicy Couture Perfume

For the past year I’ve been working on really using up my stash of perfumes to a) allow me to buy more as my stash outgrew it’s storage area and b) only leave me with fragrances I love. I’m down to the last few that I don’t want around any more, and this is by far the largest & fullest that I’ve tried to de-clutter yet. I used to be a big fan of Juicy Couture when I was younger, and I bought this blind after hearing lots of Youtubers receive it as a sample when it launched, It’s an okay fragrance, but not one I would have chosen if I was in a shop. It’s very fresh and light, which makes it perfect for spring, but it doesn’t have amazing longevity that means I can still sneak a whiff of it lingering at the end of a work day. I’ve had this out for a month to try and use up and I’ve not reached for it all that much, so I’m declaring publicly my attempts in a bid it will end up in my empties soon.

What products are you trying to use up at the moment?


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34 thoughts on “Products I’m Trying to Use Up – Spring 2017

  1. I ordered a Laura Geller primer way back in 2015 and admittedly I haven’t used it every day but it’s still going strong. I couldn’t believe the bloody size of the product when it arrived! You’ve reminded me that I have it though so I’m with you…I will use it up! xx

    Rhi |

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    1. I think I ordered mine end of 2015 too, It’s so big and you need so little that it just takes forever, I’m pleased to see it’s nearly at the end though, I’ve definitely put the graft in on this one since Christmas, I’m looking forward to using some of my samples before I go to one of the other Laura Geller ones I have waiting in backup! xx


  2. You can definitely use all these up! I always think of body care and skincare as consumables since I use them daily – I try to only have one version of each product category open at any point in time (it took me a loooong time to arrive at this point). BUT, I do have some lagging products like face oils / serums – I’ve got 2 that I need to use up and I bet I’ll end up using it on my body or something to get rid of them. I’ve also got some hair products that just don’t work for me that I’ll likely just toss.

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    1. I’m trying to get better at using up body care, it takes me months to use up a body lotion as it’s very rare I actually use one on an ongoing basis, but I’ve just moved all my lotions and butters to the bedside table to try and get me to use up some bits!
      In the last year I tried to use up anything part started, which I’ve mostly done now, and now only have one on the go at once, it’s very hard with blogging though as once you’ve made up your mind on one thing it’s too tempting to move onto the next after it’s been reviewed!
      I think I need to curate down my haircare drawer, it’s out of control at the moment and I’ve ran out of hairspray, but i’ve not bought a new one as I don’t know where I’d put it it’s that bad!


    1. I’m so close to the end! It makes me a little annoyed to think I’ve been trying to get this one gone since September and pretty much exclusively using it since January and it’s still not finished, AND I HAVE TWO MORE WAITING TO GO. Might be one for a giveaway instead because I won’t end up trying other primers for years otherwise ha

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  3. I completely understand about the neverending products that you just want to be done with so you can move on to something fresh – I have an eye cream that I swear is being refilled by gnomes during the night.
    Good luck with these! You can totally use these up, and the satisfaction you’ll feel once you toss them into your empties bin will feel so, sooo sweet!

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  4. I love the name “Punk Bouquet,” but I get you, using the same body wash for months when you have plenty of others sitting around can really eat at you!

    I have a Kenra hairspray that I am trying to use up, except… the reason I am trying to use it up is that the hold is a lot stronger than what I am looking for in a hairspray, so I have been using it sparingly to avoid super “crunchy” hair. Which makes using it up take longer! Ugh, I cannot wait to get that thing off my counter. I would just throw it away, but I hate to waste something.

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  5. I’m doing a similar thing with a bunch of products that I have had for way too long as well, it seems like I caught the Spring cleaning bug and I’m trying to use up so much lately! I haven’t heard much about the essence concealer but I’ll have to look into it!

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  6. There’s nothing worse than setting a task of finishing a product then it just not going down 🙈 i often feel the same way about products – I love them but can’t wait to see the back of them for a bit 😂

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  7. Haha, I can’t believe how long the &Other Stories body wash is lasting you! I really want to get some but don’t have a store near me and want to go crazy in the shop rather than guess online! I tried to use up my products before buying more but am failing miserably!

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  8. I am on a massive beauty-buying ban at the moment. My bathroom drawers are full to the brim with products from birthdays and Christmas that I really need to use up. I keep seeing exciting new things I want to buy, but I think my hubby might actually kill me!

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  9. I love seeing what people are trying to use up and why, I usually have a little shelf and every month I put a select number of products on it at the beginning of the month and then it reminds me which ones need to be moved where to get the most from them, and its easy to regroup and see what has been used and what still needs to stay on the use up shelf a little longer!


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