OPI The I’s Have It – Swatch & Review

It’s quite rare that when a polish makes it’s way into my collection, I actually get around to wearing it almost instantly – let alone actually managing to photograph it ready for review, but that was the case for one of OPI The I’s Have It, a one which made it’s way into the collection in the past 2 weeks.

Not only is it rare that a fast review turn-around happens, this is a rare that I gravitate towards this kind of shade. I love wearing really bright blues and cobalt toned shades, but it’s rare that I choose paler shades, but something about this drew me in, and I’ve fell in love. Not only that but I’ve worn the shade twice in a row, basically unheard of.

As a child I absolutely loved Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, despite all my family hating it – it was always my choice of VHS when I was watching things alone, I remember this because everyone used to moan the whole way through it, and it used to distort idyllic vision of the wonderland that they were in. I had a few polishes from the first Alice in Wonderland collection that OPI did when the newer Tim Burton film released a few years ago, but the latest collection I skimmed over it.

I had another polish which I hauled recently here, from the same collection – that I’d heard listed on a few nail blogs and youtube channels as one of their favourites from last year, and I only ended up getting this blue bottle thanks to a 3 for 2 offer that was running at my local CCO.

Thick creamy and almost a one coater – it applies nicely, and the gorgeous “Alice blue dress” colour is topped off the most gorgeous finish. I noticed the first time I painted my nails with it, it’s lovely glossy finish – I ended up not adding a topcoat as it was nice and shiny in it’s own right, but I was a little nervous about how it would last, as some of my cream OPI’s just peel. This lasted 5 days on my nails until I needed to repaint, and actually it was only one hand which came off badly thanks to a heavy DIY session, the right hand other than a few small chips on the corners were pretty much perfect – even no tip wear at all.

Look at that shine… no topcoat!

This is OPI at it’s best and I’m falling back in love with the brand that made me start collecting nail varnish. I can see this colour becoming a firm favourite for me into Spring, not only do the I’s have it, but the nails do too.


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29 thoughts on “OPI The I’s Have It – Swatch & Review

  1. I LOVED Alice in Wonderland too. One of my all time favourites. So imaginative and colourful!
    This shade is totally like Alice’s dress! The formula sounds amazing – nearly a one coater, and no need for top coat, wow.


  2. It looks so lovely on your nails! I grabbed it when it first came out (a huge Alice in Wonderland fan here too!) and thought I would have a million other polishes like it because I have more blue polish than any other color. Nope! It is definitely unique :]


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