New In Skincare : QLabo Collagenerous & Eauphoria Moisturisers

I’ve had these sat waiting for review since December and it’s only been more recently I’ve been able to begin trying them, they arrived just after my bundle from Garnier did, and I had already started trialling their skincare as I was expecting this to take a little longer as it had a longer journey to make to be able to reach me.

When QLabo got in touch and showed me some pieces from the range, and invited me to trial the range I was sold straight away from their ethos. I’ve had plenty of companies who have contacted me asking me to review skincare but want a review in a week, that for me is a no-go, my skin changes so much in it’s monthly cycle I need to know how it works throughout the month and how it works with other products. Q Labo wanted me to try this for two months and tell you how it really worked after a proper test, and kindly sent not one, but two bottles of each of the products to try, I invited my Mum to trail these with me as I was intrigued about the anti-ageing promises that one of the products made.

QLabo is a swiss-made skincare brand which aim to but the ‘care’ back in skincare, with products which are formulated without any harsh irritants or potential toxins, designed even with sensitive skins in mind. The package consisted of two products, Eauphoria and Collagenerous – both moisturisers, but with different tasks to attempt to excel in. The line is paraben free, cruelty free, free of artificial colours/fragrances and dermatologically tested.

Collagenerous – priced at $39 for a 30ml bottle / $56 for a 60ml bottle (converts to roughly £32/£43) – is the product I most wanted my Mum’s help with reviewing. Pegged as Time Travel for the skin within 15 days, described as their hero for anti-ageing and skin repairing to restore youthful radiance. This on the surface looks like a regular cream formula but as it’s rubbed in it adopts are more gel cream texture. The bottle of is simple but sleek looking, it’s also very light and not chunky and I’ve taken this with me several times whilst travelling. Formulated with several peptides to turbo-charge elasticity and boost collagen, amino acids to aid in hydration, and oils to act as anti-oxidants.


Collagenerous comes with a pump on the top which distributes a little bit of product at a time, I find myself having to pump 4/5 times to get out what I need for my face, but I personally quite like that it’s a little at a time. It means you don’t end up wasting product from there being too much, and you can alter the amount you need for your face size.


I’m lucky that at the ripe old age of 27 that I’m still avoiding signs of ageing which can creep in from going past my mid twenties, I’ve had a few fine lines creep in under my eyes which are more prominent when I’m tired and feeling stressed, but they’re generally not un-concealable. I really like the texture and feeling of this lotion, it feels soothing on the skin and sink sinks in quickly. This one I’ve been choosing to adopt in the morning as I preferred how it sat under makeup compared to the other, but I actually advised my Mum to wear this one in the morning as she doesn’t wear makeup Monday-Friday for work.


Eauphoria priced at $28 for 30ml /$42 for 60ml (converts to roughly £23/£34) – is described as gentle yet powerful, and boy do I agree. This is described as a complete moisture treatment which is formulated amongst other ingredients with Niacinaide (Vitamin B3 – 4% concentration) which aids in the production of Collagen. Hyalauronic Acid which helps retain water and boost moisture to the skin creating a plumped up complexion as well as Rose Water which soothes, refreshes and calms the skin.


Unlike the last this comes in a shiny blue tube with a tiny nozzle to squeeze out the product. One of the things I really like about this is they pictorially represent their ‘pea sized’ amount of product that is needed on the back. This is a clear thin watery gel formula which reminds me very much of a favourite from a different brand which I tried out last year, and I think I might prefer this one slightly more.

Whilst I wouldn’t hate it under makeup, the gel like formula takes a little longer to settle into the skin than my usually rushed approach to beauty on a Monday-Friday basis will allow. But I’ve found myself reaching for this when I get home from work after I’ve stripped my skin of makeup, as well as just before bed for a second dose.


Left Collagenrous Right Eauphoria

Left Collagenrous Right Eauphoria

Because we’ve been testing these products at the same time, it’s hard to know which is responsible for what effects on the skin, but I feel like I’ve got a good idea. Over the past week I’ve ditched using Collagenerous to see what the differences were and I think my assumptions would be correct.

My skin has felt soft and smooth to the point that even the texture of my skin even appears smoother overall. (Other than my small stress breakout) my skin has felt really healthy over the past few weeks. I put these effects more down to Eauphoria knowing similar products that have done this for me in the past.

Collagenerous is less moisturising feeling whilst I do still think it adds some, I think this is better at targeting signs of ageing. Whilst I enjoyed the feeling of it on my skin, for me I didn’t feel like cutting it made much difference where as for my Mum it would have done.

My Mum took before and after pictures of herself –  which I’m not going to share as she won’t thank me for it – and the changes in little over a month were literally staggeringly different. Around her eye area in particular she had taken years off and her overall complexion looked better, I saw the before and after photos and thought they looked good, but the differences were even more obvious in person, looking firmer and generally more youthful than just a few weeks before.

I will say that I think the price tags on these may feel a little high for a brand which you probably haven’t heard of, but the products 100% work. These two products are available in the ‘Power Duo‘ set for $62 (around £50).

What are your favourite products to keep your skin plumped up?


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Helpless Whilst Drying


Whilst the products were sent for review, thoughts are reflective of my experience (and my Mum’s thoughts on the product).


17 thoughts on “New In Skincare : QLabo Collagenerous & Eauphoria Moisturisers

  1. Sounds like a lovely set! I always seem to hear positive things when it comes to Swiss skincare, they’re clearly doing something very right over there! Collagenerous sounds like something that would fit into my ‘don’t let me age yet’ regime!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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  2. What a great review. So good that your mum could test it with you! I am 25 and I have wrinkles already so I would definitely consider purchasing this if it works! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That’s absurd a skincare brand wants a review within a week of receiving the product! So shady!
    QLabo Eauphoria sounds great – I love that they provide a true-to-life size of how much product you need! More companies should do that.
    I only like to try 1 new product at a time so I know which skincare is responsible for the improvements / breakouts. I’m glad you could pinpoint that Eauphoria was the one that got your the most results. I’ve not tried Swiss skincare – they seem to be not as prevalent here (it’s mostly French and Asian skincare).


  4. It’s really cool that they sent two sets so your mum could try it too ! Amazing that you both saw such differences too! I’m 24 now and trying to use anti aging skincare so I’d definitely be interested in trying this out – I’m happy to spend money on skincare! xxx

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  5. I haven’t really started using anti-ageing products yet, even though I sometimes catch sight of myself in the mirror and think I probably should. It’s fab that your mum has noticed such a difference. Makes it worth the slightly bigger price tag!

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  6. I feel like I’m getting to the age where I need to consider getting some anti-ageing cream! Better sooner than later eh? So good that both you and your mum got to try, gives good perspectives too! Think I might get my mum to try as she has more money than me! Brilliant informative post as always xxx


  7. I love discovering new skin care and I love the way you got your mum involved and both trialed them! Although I haven’t heard of the brand before I agree with what you say, a product can be pricey but if its really good its so worth it! Might look into these in the future when I have worked through the samples and products I have to test out! x

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  8. These sounds like miracle products Rachael! I also LOVE the names of them, very quirky – love a good play on words me! I’m very interested in getting the Eauphoria myself now after reading this. A very thorough and informative post!
    Sherry x


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