Face Mask Friday #33 – Sephora Pomegranate Sheet Mask

I thought I’d give a little break to the huge amount of Tony Moly masks I needed to make my way through this week and finally use up the last of the three sheet masks I bought from Sephora last January. Also we’re a third of the way to 100 masks, at current rate of review I’ll be at 100 in about 4 years! 

My skin has been very reflective of how I’ve been feeling over the past month. I’m busy and not sleeping well to the point I can feel myself burning out, my skin has lacked radiance, felt dry and I’ve been getting stress breakouts where I always get them around my mouth and chin. I gave myself a break from face masks last week, but I finally felt like my skin was calm enough this week to re-add my weekly ritual back in.

I bought three of these sheet masks and have used two of them, and whilst one impressed me the other did not. The Sephora sheet masks are a little expensive in my opinion, I think they were 3 for $10. Calculating to roughly £2.73 each – which really is spare change amount of cash. £2.73 is not too pricey if you see results, but for a one use mask if you don’t see results, I’d rather have put that cash in my spare change pot.

One thing I do really like about the Sephora sheet masks is that they’re a thicker tissue, they stick to the face well and something about them feels moderately more luxurious than other sheet masks I’ve tried. Whilst the pomegranate mask sounded like everything I needed – Anti-fatigue and energizing – I’ve never tended to have much luck with masks in the past which are just those types of qualities.

Luckily, this caught me by surprise. The fresh scented pomegranate mask felt refreshing on the skin, and after 20 minutes I removed the mask to be surprised that my skin was soft and smooth feeling. Whilst my skin felt a lot better, initially it didn’t look different. But rechecking in the mirror a few hours later showed me my skin did look better, my tired looking complexion felt re-energised and my skintone looked more even. Whilst the effects spanned to about 24 hours looks wise, it was a nice temporary pick me up for a day which made me feel less walking zombie, more adult who is managing life well.


 I liked this mask, but am I rushing to repurchase this from Sephora? No, if it was on my doorstep I think I would rebuy this (but I think out of the three I tried the Green Tea one was my favourite). Have you tried the Sephora Sheet Masks?


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18 thoughts on “Face Mask Friday #33 – Sephora Pomegranate Sheet Mask

  1. Is that your target for this year, 100 masks?! 😮 Actually, I might be able to reach that if I keep pace with once a week too. It’s a lot when you actually think about the number!
    I do think Sephora mask are pricey for what they are. Here, we do not have a buy 3 deal – they are $8 each. I can get good masks for $2 here. I’ve not tried any sheet masks with pomegranate, I’d imagine the enzyme would help give a glow. I’m glad this worked well for you!


    1. No, couldn’t reach that on a weekly reviewing system! It is when I thought that actually 33 is a little bit insane and I worked out how long it would take time to get to it based on how long it took til 33, I thought that’s a bit mad though isn’t it! The Garnier moisture bomb sheet mask has pomegranate in! (99p here!)


  2. I tried the Sephora Rose Mask the other day and loved it! I’m more combo/oily but my skin looked dull, dehydrated with dry patches. I’ve never known a mask give so much moisture! I’d stock up on these for travel, or after holidays if my skin’s more dried out☺ xx


  3. I must admit I’ve never used a sheet mask before. I don’t know why, they’ve just never appealed. From what you’ve said they do sound nice though.


  4. I tried the algae (blue packaging) one back in the fall to help detox my skin. I feel along the lines how you did – I think temporarily I felt refreshed and detoxed and liked the product but I’m not waiting in line to get the whole set or consider it a holy grail product! Great review 🙂

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  5. I bought Green Tea and Avocado ones.. on 2015? 😂 I remember that I Liked the Green Tea, and am stiLL waiting for the time to use the Avocado. This Pomegranate sounds good, too!


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